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If you’re on Facebook, there’s a pretty good chance you will have heard of Love Layla. For a long time, I’ve been sharing their memes, chuckling at the witty, cheeky and sometimes downright rude but oh-so-hilarious cards that they produce. They’re utterly genius at times – every card I see on there is perfect for someone I know.

When I had the chance to work with them, I was dead excited. I was almost a bit fan-girly, to be honest. Pretty embarrassing but you know, they are pretty cool!

They sent me out three cheeky cards, a wall calendar, a desk calendar and some rather rude wrapping paper. I loved them! I can only apologise for the lack of original photos of the products – I think I must have deleted them when I started using my new camera!

I absolutely loved the ‘Glitter Shitter’ card. It comes with a tiny little bag of white iridescent glitter dust, which you tip into the card. It kind of blends in with the white card so the recipient doesn’t see it – until they open the card! I sent this to my sister-in-law in Suffolk for her birthday – I would have LOVED to have seen her face when she opened it!! I love the fact that they’re slightly tongue in cheek and rude because birthday cards are a bit dull – but I’d be over the moon to get one of these! The cards are completely blank inside, which I prefer.

Again, I used the wrapping paper for my sister in law. It’s really thick, almost like lining paper sort of thickness, which does make it harder to wrap with – I wouldn’t want to try wrapping anything that was not in a box with it – but once it’s wrapped, it’s not going to rip easily. Plus, it’s cool!

The calendars. Lt’s talk about those. I was a little bit concerned that I would love them but wouldn’t be able to display them because of the kids being able to read. After all, look at the cards and wrapping paper! It turns out that we had nothing to worry about – they’re just the right side of ‘appropriate to put on the wall in the hallway’. They’re a bit cheeky, but nothing that I worry about the kids or my landlord seeing!

The boxes are big enough for me to write down appointments and birthdays and all the millions of non-uniform and dress up days school seem to have. It’s hanging by the phone in the hallway ready for me to glance up at in the mornings before we leave the house. The desktop version is the same design and stands up well.

And finally, the badge. I love the badge. It’s the sort of thing that completely agrees with my sense of humour and the sort of thing I would send to my friends without hesitation!

I think the prices are fairly reasonable on the website, considering the quality of the products. The wrapping paper is a lot more expensive than I would usually spend on paper – but a million times cooler than normal wrapping paper so it’s worth it. From now on, Love Layla Designs is going to be my ‘go to’ place for greeting cards!


*This post was sponsored, but I genuinely love Love Layla so it’s all my own words and thoughts. I was sent the products free of charge for the review.




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