Kissing Goodbye to Stress

I’ve always been someone who got stressed out quite easily . I’ve never been too great at dealing with it, even though I knew that being stressed out and letting it get to me was in no way productive and would not help me sort out whatever the issue was

In the summer, our landlord dropped the bombshell that she was selling our house, a house we had lived in for less than six months. For a week or so I buried the news at the back of my mind – we were going on holiday and I didn’t want to be worrying or thinking about it whilst we were away. When we came home though, the worry hit me full force.  We had made the decision to look for houses in North Wales but for a while, it didn’t look like it was going to happen. We made two journeys here to look at multiple houses and hadn’t been accepted for any of them. This, combined with the fact that our landlady wasn’t being very nice and hassling us to get out of the house as soon as possible, it was a really stressful time, and I wasn’t able to deal with it.

For the best part of a month, I was barely able to eat. Every time I tried to eat more than a few mouthfuls of food, I would feel physically sick. I came down with some sort of tummy bug which saw me either running to the loo or throwing up constantly for almost a week. My hair fell out in massive clumps. I went from not being able to sleep to just falling asleep on the sofa during the day. In short, I was an absolute mess.

Then, after almost 6 weeks of this, we had the phone call telling us we had been accepted by a landlord and that our dream of moving to Wales was finally coming true. Within hours, I began to feel better. I was able to eat and that night I slept like an absolute log!

There was a couple more weeks of stress, but it was ‘good stress’ – the packing and organising to move 130 miles away was an absolute nightmare, but we knew there was a purpose to it, and that something good was happening at the end of it. I’ll never forget the moment I let go of all that stress and worry – we were about 20 miles from our new house and had our first glimpse of the sea. Knowing we were almost there, about to start our new life was incredible. I literally, and mean literally, felt myself completely relax.

Since then, I really don’t think I’ve felt stressed. Sure, the kids have wound me up, but nothing that a deep breath can’t solve. It took a while for some of the physical symptoms to disappear though – my hair has only just stopped falling out at alarming speed (I was beginning to think I may need Advanced Tricho Pigmentation!). I’ve noticed that the silly little things that would have made me feel awful before just don’t. Alex has become the world’s fussiest eater and will barely eat some days. Before, that would have caused sleepless nights. Now – I know he will eat when he’s hungry and I let it just go straight over me. The car needs some work doing to it after Christmas. Instead of lying awake worrying about the cost, I’ve accepted it’s something that needs to be done and moved on.

The only thing that I can think of that has made me relax and  chill out is the change of environment. It is pretty bloody hard to feel stressed out when you have this at the bottom of the road!

Letting go of stress has made such a big difference in all of our lives. Graham and I don’t bicker and argue at all anymore. I’ve stopped being a shouty, grumpy mum. I’m sleeping better, eating better and feel much healthier and energetic than I have in a very long time.

*Collaborative post



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