Back to School with Smiggle

I fluffin’ love stationery. One of the highlights of September and ‘back to school’ as a child, a student and, ultimately, a teacher, was the thrill of buying new folders, notebooks, pencil cases and pens ready for the new school year. To be fair, I’ve never actually needed the new school year as an excuse – any time of the year is good for stationery! Harrison seems to be following in my footsteps -in fact, I think he’s more obsessed with it than me!

Smiggle is one our favourite shops. It’s pretty and funky stationery – what’s not to love? He was almost rabid with excitement when he saw a parcel from Smiggle arrive at our door, especially as we had recently had a mooch around the branch in Chester.  I actually think he was more excited than Christmas morning!

The first thing we had in our parcel was this amazing Smiggle Says DIY Lunchbox (£15 and available in black or purple). I would be lying if I said I’m not just a little bit jealous of it. It’s absolutely perfect for Harrison for going back to school. From a practical point of view, it’s great. It’s big enough for an average sized packed lunch with two different compartments, a handle to make it easy to carry (or hook over the pushchair handle, which is what inevitably happens). It’s easy to wipe clean as well. Of course, the highlight for Harrison was being able to colour in his lunchbox, making it a truly unique one! It’s also been a nice activity for him to do on the rainy days.

Smiggle Back to School

Smiggle Back to school

Smiggle back to school

He’s too young to need to take a pencil case to school, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need one for the ever growing collection of pens and pencils he has at home. He absolutely loves this hard-backed football pencil case (£13.50) which is available in different designs. It’s also scented, which makes it a bit different.  It’s not overpoweringly so, but I can imagine for older kids when it’s shoved in a school bag with sweaty PE kits, it might be quite useful!

Smiggle Back to School

Learning to tell the time is something Harrison is doing at the moment, and just like his dad, he’s obsessed with watches. This lovely camo watch (£13) is cool and trendy, and the time (digital) appears when you tap the watch face. He loves it – sometimes, I feel like I’m living with a speaking clock. He’s constantly telling us what time it is!

Smiggle Back to School

Wallets are another one of Harrison’s ‘things’ (just like dad!). He likes to fill them with odd pennies that he finds around the house. This lovely Velcro one (£8.50) has plenty of pockets for cards and coins and a transparent pocket for ID.

Back to school Smiggle

We were also sent – and I’m a terrible blogger and lost the photo I took of it – the Pop Faces Pen (£3.50). Not that Harrison needs any encouragement to write, but if he did, I think a fun pen like this would be really helpful!

I’m pretty impressed with the range of stationery and back to school products from Smiggle – it’s definitely one of our favourite shops now!

*We were sent these items free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own. 

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