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As a mum to two toddlers, having snacks to hand for bribery, distraction and to fill those gaps in between meals is essential. However, finding something even remotely healthy is a challenge. Harrison and Alex love vegetables but aren’t keen on fruit, other than bananas, so I’ve been looking for sneaky ways to introduce more fruit into their diet.

I’d noticed Yu! products in the supermarket because of their distinctive black packaging. We’d never tried them though, so was pleased to be sent a selection of snacks from them. It didn’t take the kids long to sniff them out and get stuck in!

We were sent three flavours of their fruit chews: mango, strawberry and blueberry.
I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t these. These look like (and are similar in texture) to little wine gums, which I thought was  good , as the fact they look like sweets would be appealing to lots of children. They’re made using 100% real fruit and a packet actually counts as one of your five a day – an excellent way of getting kids to eat more fruit!

The kids and other half really enjoyed the strawberry and blueberry ones but not so much the mango ones. I personally didn’t like any of them, not be cause of the taste but because I really dislike chewy sweet type things. My mum had a packet of the mango ones and she thought they were nice. These might be quite nice baked into a cake (not so healthy I know!) or maybe mixed into yoghurt or cereal.

We were also sent raisins and raspberry pieces coated in yoghurt. These were really yummy and perfect for when you need something sweet! Our only criticism is that we wanted more in the bag!

Yu! do a selection of other health snacks as well as these, including fruit and cereal bars and granola. We will definitely be getting some of these when we go shopping!

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* We were sent this selection of Yu! snacks for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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