Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles: Ensuring your child gets to school efficiently

There’s a direct connection between education and living comfortably. While most districts provide viable transportation for their students, it can be difficult to find viable transportation for the disabled. Fortunately, The GM Coachwork Group can provide a number of transportation options to provide mobility to the disabled.


What is the GM Coachwork Group

In the 1980’s David Vooght followed his dream of starting his own company. David acquired years of experience working for Westland Helicopters and another decade as an agricultural engineer. For more than 25 years, G&M Coachwork has specialised in vehicles specifically designed to accommodate those who are in wheelchairs. G&M manufactures a number of different transportation options to appeal to virtually any budget.

G&M Transportation Vehicles

This company is dedicated to providing wheelchair access vehicles. The most popular option is the Citroen Berlingo Blaze which is one of the most popular vehicles in Europe. For those who are more accustom to luxury, the VW Caravelle Monterey may be better suitd to their tastes. G&M makes no changes to the vehicle’s beautiful exterior, but the fifth door lifts to reveal a ramp. The floors are also lowered to provide plenty of headroom for the passengers.

For those who need to transport multiple disabled students, G&M offers modified versions of Peugeot’s Boxer and Explorer. Special features in these vehicles include, low angle ramps, four point securing systems, and adjustable and diagonal seat belts. Optional equipment includes an electric wench, privacy glass, additional seating and reverse sensors. G&M can also provide vehicles that permit those in wheelchairs to drive themselves from place to place.

Independence from G&M

One of the biggest challenges to being disabled is maintaining a sense of independence. Fortunately, G&M can also provide drive from wheelchair vehicles to let the disabled transverse on their own. In fact G&M is the largest convertor of drive from wheelchair vehicles, offering four different options from which customers can choose.

G&M drive from wheelchair vehicles are specifically designed to let disabled individuals declare their independence. The Citreon Berlingo Duo tailgate is remote operated as is the ramp. The driver and passenger seats are interchangeable to allow others to operate the vehicle. There’s also VW Colorado model with a side lift, a levelling suspension and 3 seat rear bench. G&M’s VW Panorama is a 4 berth camper van to provide additional utility.

Other conversions by G&M

One of the biggest obstacles faced by disabled drivers is the challenge of what to do with the chair itself. G&M can provide chair securing systems for the driver or the passengers, to keep them in place during commute. There are also wheelchair hoists to lift up to 150 kg into the vehicle. For those with heavier or more complex chairs, a stronger winch may be the ideal solution for transporting the chair. It allows the passenger to be loaded into the vehicle without having to move from the chair.

Other Options for Disabled Drivers

There’s also the option of having the break controls situated on the side of the driver’s seat. There’s also the option of a steering ball to allow for space driving. Push button gear selectors and hand operated clutches even allow disabled drivers to drive a standard shift transmission. However, equipping the vehicle with viable hand controls is only a part of the conversion process. G&M can also provide viable solutions for the chair itself.

From experience, to selection to overall value, G&M is the first and only company to contact about converted vehicles. Disabled citizens can finally have the independence they need, and parents can get their kids to school.



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