Virtual Colic Clinic from Infacol

If you have children you may well have experienced colic at one point or another, as it effects one in four babies*. We were lucky with Alex, our youngest, but Harrison screamed for hours every evening with it for well over a month.

Being first time parents, we had no idea why he was so upset, and of course we panicked! According to research, first time mums make around 16 visits to the doctors in a child’s first year**.Luckily, my mum was only just around the corner and realised it was colic, and showed us some tried and tested ways of helping him. That support, and a supply of Infacol really helped, and soon that horrible colicky period was over!

However, not everyone has that support network, and as colic usually happens in the evening or night time when GP’s aren’t available, it can be really scary and stressful, which is why Infacol has developed The Virtual Colic Clinic. Parents can access it 24/7 on desktop, smart phones and tablets.

I visited the site at and was pleased to see how easy it was to navigate. The last thing you want when trying to console a screaming baby is a complicated website!

There is a colic symptoms checker, which asks ten simple yes/no questions.


There is also a selection of fifty commonly asked questions, each with a video and text answer from a midwife. The videos are really reassuring, and if you can’t find the answer you are looking for, you can ask your own question.


This is a really fantastic resource which I think many new mums and dads will find really useful!

*Study by Benenden Healthcare Society of 2000 British mums, 30/11/12
**Bounty Research Poll of 520 parents. Data collected October 2012.
*I received a goody box from Infacol in return for this review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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