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Peppa Pig, Frozen or Cars rule our TV during the daytime, but after the kids have gone to bed, we like to relax in front of the television with a glass of wine or a beer and some sneaky chocolate.  We have a relatively decent television, but what I would really love is a Panasonic 4K TV to watch our favourite shows and movies on.

At the moment, I love Call the Midwife. I think it is probably one of my favourite series. I love seeing how different things were back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, especially when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. Women really did have it tough back then!! I adore the characters as well, especially Trixie and Sister Monica Joan.

I am a little bit obsessed with Grand Designs, and have them all set to record so I’ve always got one to watch. I love watching the process of the build, from ideas in someone’s head to the architects designs, to the completed house, and how they deal with the inevitable hiccups on the way. I’m always insanely jealous at their creativity and of their houses at the end.

Even though I’m rubbish at cooking, and don’t particularly enjoy it, I have a bit of a thing about cooking shows, in particular, Masterchef. When that’s on, I watch it religiously. Watching the contestants create some of those dishes, with ingredients I sometimes have never even heard of in a short space of time is amazing. I also love Great British Bake Off as well, although I’m not a fan of Paul Hollywood at all.

A show which both Graham and me enjoy together (there’s not many!) is NCIS Los Angeles. Graham is really into his crime dramas, and although I’m not overly bothered by most of them, I love NCIS. He loves the forensics and the action. I like LL Cool J. Win win situation!

When there isn’t anything on the TV, we usually have a look at Netflix. Last year I watched the entire first two series of Orange Is The New Black over a couple weeks – I can’t wait for the third series! We’ve also watched the first three seasons of American Horror Story. I don’t find the actual program itself scary, but the credits at the beginning really freak me out.

Another current favourite on Netflix is Luther. I am just a little bit in love with Idris Elba, and I love how sometimes he edges towards the ‘wrong’ side.

So that’s what you’ll often find us watching on an evening. What are your must-sees?


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12 thoughts on “TV Choices

  1. We don’t have many things we religiously watch although we never miss The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones! I also have to watch Eastenders but that is the only soap I do watch 😀

  2. We don’t really have a favourite programme to watch, it is usually whatever takes our fancy that night. I like to go onto Netflix and see what new movies are on there. Angela x

  3. Hubby is a big tv fan and has also been lusting after a 4K tv lol! I don’t watch that much tv but I also love call the midwife! As you said its so interesting seeing how things were in the past.

  4. We have a 50″ Sony TV which is 10 years old and needs updating but we either have the history channel on, River Monsters, Bear Grylls or The Simpsons… mainly… x

  5. I love Call the Midwife – we don’t get out very often so do relax in front of the TV in the evenings. We love Bones, Grimm, walking dead, arrow, blacklist etc etc

  6. I’m not a big tv watcher, I prefer listening to music but I do like some of the series on netflix. At the moment we’re hooked on The Originals

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