Transforming Your Bathroom

Living in a rented property means very little choice or freedom over what your home looks like. We can give it a lick of paint when and where it needs it, but that’s about it. Luckily, this house is ok, apart from the bathroom.

Don;t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with it as such. It’s in fairly decent condition (we have lived with some horrors in previous houses!), but it’s very, very basic. There is a toilet, sink and shower cubicle, and that’s it.

As much as we love having a huge shower, the kids and I really miss having a bath. There’s nothing like having a long soak in the bath after a long day, and the kids used to love having a splash about. Still, that’s something we don;’t have much of a say over.

Transforming your bathroom |

So how could we transform the bathroom without upsetting our landlady?


Well, we could change the flooring. The one good thing about living with a floor fitter is that it is something we could do cheaply and easily, and our landlady has already said that would be fine. At the moment it’s a sort of light laminate effect, which doesn’t look quite right in there. Whilst our budget wouldn’t stretch to tiles, we could put down some tile effect vinyl which could be changed whenever we decorated.


My idea bathroom would be floor to ceiling tiles, in a really nice bright white. As it is, our bathroom is tiled around the shower and sink, but the rest of it is just normal, painted walls. It’s painted white at them moment, which means it is nice and bright in there, but gets covered in grubby fingerprints easily.  When we get a chance to decorate it, we will look at some sort of pale blue colour I think – I quite fancy a nautical theme in there!


Currently, all our bathroom bits are stored in a plastic drawer set in there, which is quite handy for the kid’s stuff, but I want my makeup and face creams out of reach! There’s plenty of space to put up some sort of vanity cabinet or mirrored cabinet in there – Bathroom City has a nice range to choose from.


Being obsessed with the sea, I would love a seaside/nautical theme to the bathroom. Things like coordinating towels, some beach inspired prints to hang on the walls, candles…anything to give it a bit more of a personal touch.

What have you done to your bathroom to make it ‘yours’?

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  1. You wouldn’t believe how much envy I feel for the fact that you live with a floor fitter! Our floor is so terrible and we desperately need to get around to sorting it. Some great bathroom tips here, we recently had ours done and it’s so much better.

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