Training Courses That Enable You to Work Part Time

When you have a young family it can be hard to imagine dedicating yourself full-time to your job, to your self-improvement or anything really. You’re at that stage in life when you want to be able to dedicate precious time to your family – and that’s absolutely okay. If you’re thinking about returning to work after some time off there is nothing worse than the feeling of being parted from your family in exchange for long days and long hours.

If this sounds familiar then you’re not alone and it may come as a surprise that training courses could be the answer. Part-time training courses are available through providers, such as The Training Room, in areas such as personal training or beauty therapy. Alternatively, there are also full-time or even e-learning options on some courses, your learning can be as flexible as you are.

Whichever study mode you choose the options after graduation are broad and varied giving you the option to have a real work/life balance, through part-time working.

raining Courses That Enable You to Work Part Time

Some facts About Being a Personal Trainer

Did you know that, according to insure4sport around 80% of Personal Trainers work on a freelance basis? And a massive 51% of Personal Trainers say that they don’t feel stressed at work (that’s compared to just 21% of office workers). What’s more, freelance Personal Trainers can earn from £20-£40 an hour.

The Training Room offers part-time, full-time and e-learning personal training courses which see you graduate industry ready at Level 3, the highest entry level into the health and fitness industry.

What Does This Mean For You?

Working as a Personal Trainer on a part-time basis means that you can (generally speaking) be as flexible as you need to be. Of course, some of this depends on the needs of your clients but largely the hours and where you work are entirely up to you; you can rent a space in a gym, visit your clients in their homes or set up your own facilities. In other words you can make your career as convenient for you as it needs to be.

The National Register for Personal Trainers add that; working for a gym on an employed basis, may not necessarily be as lucrative as being freelance on a part-time basis as you will have to hand over some of your earnings as per your contract. On the other hand being a self-employed, part-time Personal Trainer ‘can pay dividends’.

Further to this, depending on if you specialise in certain areas (such as GP or exercise referral) you may be able to increase your hourly rate. The more you can put into your own training, the bigger the reward for yourself and your clients.

Some Facts About Being a Beauty Therapist

Around 36% of people employed in the beauty industry work on a part-time basis, on the other hand, just 1/5 of Beauty Therapists work as self-employed. Within the industry itself 25% of all vacancies are due to skill shortages. By 2020 there is predicted to be 530,000 individuals working within this industry, up from 519,000 in 2014 (Plotr).

The Training Room’s beauty therapy courses pride themselves on the fact that you will graduate industry-ready and provide you with careers support for three years from registration. In addition, you will graduate with the ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy – the highest entry level into the industry. This course is available on both a full-time and part-time basis.

What Does This Mean For You?

With a massive skill shortage compared to other industries there is a real opportunity to be able to succeed within the beauty industry, by taking additional courses in order to specialise in areas where there are skills shortages. It is an industry in which part-time employment is common and thus easy to come by. It may also be possible to either work from home or become a mobile Beauty Therapist, setting your own hours.

The Benefits of Part Time Working

So what are the pros of working part-time?

If you are self-employed you have the luxury of being able to set your own working conditions and hours, as well as your rates.

If you are employed there are laws in place meaning that you are entitled to the same benefits as those who work on a full-time basis. This means that you must receive the same hourly rate of pay as those who are doing the same/similar job on a full-time rota. In addition, you will receive the same access to a pension and benefits as your full-time counterpart.

Aside from the laws in place which benefit part-time workers there are other benefits which are specific to individual circumstances. For those with young children who are returning to work, part-time working presents the opportunity to have more time at home with your children. For those who currently work full-time and are looking to career change in order to gain a work/life balance, or simply have more time for other commitments part-time working is a viable option to achieve this. It may also be an option to drop-down full-time hours to part-time hours, to train part-time and then use your new skills to start earning alongside your regular income.

So if you’re considering going back to work, changing careers or simply want to work part-time hours then a training course into the right area can help you do it and land your dream career and work/life balance in the process.

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