Our tips on how to choose a wedding dress for older brides

Despite most articles for wedding dresses being aimed at younger brides, there’s a growing trend for older brides to go down the aisle in a stylish gown, and why not?

There’s nothing to stop a bride looking their very best on what is a very happy occasion but finding stylish wedding dresses can be exhausting but it’s not impossible.


Indeed, in many ways, the mature bride has a wider choice of dresses to choose from because they don’t have a fixation on ‘the one’ or have to comply with a particular trend.

In addition, older brides generally have a better idea of the types of fashion that suit them best and will choose something they will be very happy in. This does not mean they will be wanting to replicate the fairy tale princess dress they may have had for their first wedding, for instance.

There’s also less likelihood of a mature bride having her opinion swayed by friends or family members who have preconceived ideas of what a bride’s dress should look like.

This means there’s far more variety of options when it comes to choosing the wedding dress for an older bride in a bridal shop which will also have designer evening dresses – either as a traditional alternative or for wearing in the evening.

That’s not to say a bride looking for designer wedding dresses will not find suitable gowns since these boutiques are catering for a wide range of clients and many will already be geared to addressing the market with some stylish and modern creations which really do highlight the older bride’s body styles.

While some may criticise the idea of a wedding dress that is above the knee, there are some designers, particularly Stella McCartney, who has created impressive and stylish dresses that do just this but a lot depends on the bride’s own style and confidence.

Indeed, many wedding dress designers will urge all brides not compromise on the fabrics they use for their dress and to focus on their best features; while many brides will obsess about the issues they don’t like about their body, there will be things they do like and which are beautiful features whether it’s their waist or their legs, for instance.

Other designers of wedding dresses also say that the key to success is simplicity and older brides should choose an outfit that is not just flattering but really does suit them and it should be something they are happy to be seen in on what is a very happy occasion.

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