How to Throw a Great Mums Night at Your House

We all understand that parenting is a tough job, not to mention that you never get time for yourselves. For the most part, having kids is great. But it does sometimes get to the point where changing nappies while trying to keep a screaming toddler from running around – deep breath – gets too much.

There’s no shame in that – everyone needs a little time away from the family. Even those families that seem so ‘perfect’ most likely need breaks away from each other. Far, far away from each other.

Getting some girly time is a perfect excuse to host a spa night with a twist – Mums only! Plan a night were your spouse takes the kids out for the evening and invite all your mum-pals round.

You all deserve an evening of pampering, laughing till you cry and pure relaxation. Which is why we’ve listed a few ideas to get your party-mind rolling.

What you’ll need:

  • Comfy clothes – pyjamas are perfect!
  • Blankets and cushions – ask everyone to bring blankets and pillows so that you can make a super-cosy relaxing corner
  • Face masks – for the start of the night to help everyone calm down after a stressful day
  • Face cloths/flannels
  • Wine, Prosecco or Gin – depending on how intoxicated you want to get…
  • Snacks – so many snacks
  • Chick flicks*

*Here’s some chick flicks that everyone will love: 27 dresses, white chicks, mean girls, 500 days of summer, 10 things I hate about you, Clueless.

Games to play:

Once the face masks are all washed off and you’re all nice and relaxed, it’s time to bring out the games and get the evening moving.

  • Would you Rather
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Rummy
  • Online games*

*There are lots of games to be played online including classics like Solitaire and Hearts, many forms of Bingo or you’ll find even some very girly looking online slots.

Once you’ve got everything planned out and organised… just kidding, a mum’s night in is for relaxing! There’s no need to plan every little detail, let the night sweep you in random directions – left, right, up, down, all around. As long as you are enjoying yourselves, does it matter what you are doing?

The trick to throwing an amazing, unforgettable mums night at your house, is to supply your friends with a few games, some spa-like options and a cosy place to chat. The rest of the evening will flow smoothly as everyone gets chatting and laughing.

Bonus tip: Drunken strawberries – pour Prosecco over fresh strawberries and let them soak


*Guest post


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