Three Steps to Making the Bathroom a Safer Place For Your Family

When you’ve got children, you start to look at the world a little differently. You might want to stop doing certain things some ways, or start doing other things another way. You also think about things around the home that would never have crossed your mind before. How often would you care about small trinkets on the floor or the position of plug sockets on the wall? But when you’ve got little ones, these things become much more important to you.

One of the rooms in the house that potentially has a lot of hazards is the bathroom. When you’ve got little ones, you can just see everything that could go wrong. I’m not saying we should mollycoddle our children. But keeping them safe from something avoidable is extremely important. So here are some ideas of how you can make your bathroom a little bit safer for your family.


Keep Things Out of Reach

There are plenty of things in the bathroom that we wouldn’t want our little ones to consume. There might be cleaning products in there, as well as just shampoo. We don’t want them to find them and try to drink them. So keeping them stored away out of reach is important. If you don’t have any space high up in the bathroom, then you could look at bathroom sink cabinets. A new one that has under the sink storage could be really handy. Just make sure that you get a babyproof clip for the cabinet so that they won’t be able to open it.

Prevent Against Slips and Falls

The majority of time in the bathroom with kids will mean being in the bath. As a result, things can get pretty damp after splashes everywhere. If they climb out and slip on a wet patch, then it could be disastrous. When they are in the bath, think about closing a shower curtain or screen if there is one. Hopefully, that will keep any water they splash around with, in the bath. It is also a good idea to get a non-slip bath mat for the floor. Then they can stand on there when they get out. It will dry the soles of their feet, making it safer for them to be in the bathroom.


Check the Temperature

It can be easy to run a bath, forget about it as we get the kids ready, and then realise it is too hot. This could lead to damaging burns, especially if we just put our kids straight in the bath. So if you have a way of checking the water temperature, it can help a lot. There are plenty of children’s bath toys that double up as a thermometer too. So it shouldn’t be too tricky to find one that works.

I hope these little tips help. I’d be interested to hear what you find works for you at home. I think having a footstool in the bathroom is a good idea too. Then our kids aren’t reaching over anything or leaning on something like the toilet seat that could slip.

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