Thermos Insulated Travel Mug Review

I drink a lot of coffee. I also waste a lot of coffee. I make one, then end up doing 1001 other things, and when I go to drink it, it’s freezing. Down the drain goes a coffee – and money.

Even though neither of the kids have never even attempted to touch a hot drink, I still always worry that one day they will, especially as they’re getting taller, so no where is out of their reach. What I needed was something that kept my coffees hot, and safe from the kids – the Thermos Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug ticks both of those boxes!

Thermos Travel Mug

I’ve tried various travel mugs over the years, most of which have been great for being able to have a coffee on the way to work, but none of them have ever kept the drink particularly hot, but this one really does. I took a drink up to bed at 10pm and the next morning at almost 8am it was still lukewarm (and perfectly drinkable) – a LOT longer than the five hours it says it will keep it hot for! It was lovely to have a hot drink to sip at through the night during my many wake ups!

The mug is stainless steel (and looks quite sophisticated), with a black or plum trim. The handle is comfortable to hold – some mugs have them so close to the actual mug, you can’t hold it properly. The lid is a push button lid, which works much better than those ones you have to slide across.  It also claims it is leak-proof. I put it to the test by filling it up with water and tipping it upside down (with the lid closed of course!) and not a drop came out – perfect! Even with the lid popped open in drinking position, it doesn’t flood out, meaning if little hands got hold of it they’re not going to be covered in a gush of hot liquid.

Like all Thermos products, it doesn’t just keep hot things hot, it keeps cold things cold. It states that it will keep things cold for nine hours which sounds pretty fab – with the weather turning decidedly chilly of late I haven’t tested this out!

It also holds just under two normal mugs worth of liquid (470ml) – which means I’m jumping up less often to make a drink, perfect for me at the moment! It has a built in tea hook for a tea bag or loose leaf infuser (whatever one of those is!). I don’t drink much tea anyway, but usually hate it in any sort of flask. I always think it tastes a bit strange, but I think this would make a difference as you can brew it fresh.

I really like this product, and it will definitely be useful, especially when baby is here, and I’m trapped on the sofa feeding! If I have to stay in hospital for any length of time, I’ll be getting people to make me proper coffees and bringing it in to me in it – hospital pharmacy coffee is rank and never enough!

The Thermos Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug is available at Argos, Robert Dyas, Amazon and , RRP is £24.99 –  definitely worth every penny!



I was sent one of these travel mugs for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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5 thoughts on “Thermos Insulated Travel Mug Review

  1. I have tried lots of mugs but never found one that managed to keep my drinks hot for long enough, love the look of this! #TriedTested

  2. This sound’s brilliant! It would be great on days out because I’m really fussy with my drinks. We always take waters out on long days but I hate when they get warm x

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