Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow Review

Trying to get a decent night sleep when you’re pregnant is near enough impossible. I suppose it is natures way of getting you ready for months years of sleepless nights when baby arrives. At the moment I’m really struggling. Bump aches, my back aches and I’m suffering from restless legs, which is extremely irritating. I have a body pillow, which is basically just a long pillow which helps with my legs a little bit, but other than that doesn’t do a lot. When I was asked if I wanted to try out the Original Maternity Pillow from Theraline, I couldn’t turn it down. I would do anything for a bit of comfort! Theraline Maternity Pillow The pillow was absolutely enormous! It came folded in half in a handy clear storage bag, so it is easy to store when not needed. It had a lovely pale purple cover to it, which can be removed for washing. What I really liked though was the fact it wasn’t a solid pillow, but more like a really squishy bean bag, filled with micro beads. This sounds really odd but it is what makes it so comfortable. You can flex the pillow into any shape that suits your needs and adjust the amount of support you want by flattening or plumping it out. theraline maternity pillow As soon as I took it out of the bag the kids jumped on it, and loved leaning against it (it’s a good job it is washable!). You can see how it would be perfect to use to support babies who are just learning to sit up – with supervision of course. On an evening, my back often aches, and i find it uncomfortable to sit upright, so I tried to use it as a back support – and it was lovely. I actually began to look forward to bedtime. A sheet is included in the pack to show you various ways of using the pillow but to be honest, I just found it easier to lie on my side and then sort of wrap myself around the pillow. Because it isn’t solid, it moulds into your body, making it really supportive. Whilst I still didn’t have an amazing night (getting up for a wee three times didn’t help!) I was much more comfortable in bed. I woke up less achy than normal, and my legs hadn’t been restless at all! This pillow will definitely be useful after baby is born as well. It will be great as a feeding support, to take babies weight and as he gets older to support him when he is beginning to sit up. At £44.95 from they don’t sound particularly cheap, but believe me are worth every penny. I already can’t imagine sleeping without it. The Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow is available from John Lewis.

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  1. wow this looks fab, ideal for my sister who’s 31 weeks pregnant with her first & not sleeping, thanks x

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