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Naming a baby is one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do. Whatever name you give to your child, they’re pretty much stuck with it for the rest of their life. The name has to suit them as a baby, as a child,  a teenager, an adult and an old person. People do tend to judge someone by their name (Katie Hopkins anyone?) whether we like it or not. We all like to say we don’t, but let’s face it, if you were interviewing people for a job, you’re more than likely going to see an Elizabeth as a more suitable candidate than a Destinee-Mai. We shouldn’t, but it’s true. As a teacher who has taught hundreds of kids, I tend to associate certain names with certain kids, and that makes name choosing even trickier!

My pet hates when it comes to names (and I know I’m going to end up offending someone somewhere – sorry!!) are:
Faddy trendy names – Jayden, Brooklyn, Kasey, Bailey etc. I know all names start off somewhere, but I just can’t see these names being ones that will still be around in 100 years time!

Double barrelled names – Lily-May, Tyra-Skye, Jason-Lee…. what’s wrong with having a first name and and a middle name?!
Made up spellings – I know someone who called their daughter Sophie – gorgeous name – but to be ‘different’ spelt it Soffee. The poor girl has been condemned to a life of explaining that her name doesn’t rhyme with coffee, and spelling it aloud to everyone. She hates it!
Plain daft names – I read a status on a popular baby page on Facebook asking what people had called their daughters – there were people calling their kids Rainbow, SunShyne, Storm-Blue. Those kids will have those names as old people. I wonder how they will feel about their names then?

We thought long and hard about the boy’s names, settling on Harrison James and Alexander Thomas. We wanted names that could be shortened into proper names (Harry and Alex). We wanted names that sounded quite modern but still would stand the test of time. I don’t think we did too bad – both names are popular and modern enough to be in the top hundred names, but not so common that everyone in their class will share their names. To be honest, the meanings of names are something we haven’t really considered – I don’t actually know what their names mean! They look nice written down,they sound right with their surname, and that’s what matters.

Both of the boys have some element of their uncle’s names in their own – Harrison has the same middle name as my eldest brother (James) and Alex’s middle name is my youngest brother’s first name (Thomas). This was purely coincidental – we loved both names and they work well their first names – but them having that connection is nice.

Now we’re playing the name game for a third time. I’m fifteen weeks pregnant so still have plenty of time to choose a name, but we both like having an idea sorted, especially as we want Harrison and Alex to get used to the name. Choosing a boy’s name has been relatively easy – we *think* if baby is a boy he will be Benjamin Rhys – it could all change though! Girl’s names have been harder. We started off with Olivia, which we both love, but it’s the number one name at the moment which has put us off. We also like Megan, but neither of us are keen on Meg! Our next choice was Victoria which I think is a lovely name, but for some reason I can’t visualise our baby being a Victoria.

We keep going back to the name Jessica, which is what we probably would have called Alex if he had been a girl. It goes nicely with Rose, which is what we’ve chosen for a middle name. It can be shortened nicely and is one of those names that works whatever age. I also really like Freya, but Graham isn’t so keen.

You’re never ever going to please everyone with a name choice. Someone is always going to hate the name and pull a face. At the end of the day, as long as you like it and can face saying it approximately 100 times a day for the next eighteen years, then it is up to you!

20 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. Mummy found naming my brother and me much more difficult than my sisters. She took two days each time to name us! We agree with you, except you have to love it enough to say it 100x a day for 18 years!!

  2. Great name choices! I love old fashioned names too. Jessica is lovely. I had a list of about ten boys and ten girls but it’s hard to find names you agree on. Good luck, can’t wait to hear if its girl or boy xx

  3. I named all my children when I had the 20 week scan and found out the gender, it was nice getting to know them as a person from that point on 🙂

    1. I totally agree. It’s a nice way of bonding, and I think it helps if you have other children as they get used to the idea and the name. I’ve never met a child who hasn’t suited their name either, so ‘waiting to see when their born’ isn’t really an issue for me! Thanks for commenting

    1. Congratulations…. I think the name ruby is beautiful! James is a fab name as well 🙂 would love you to pop by and let me know what you decide in the end! X

  4. We have very similar views – and we struggled both times to name our babas. Hubby and I both wanted strong but slightly uncommon names, and ones that don’t shorten.
    It’s funny how many people you hate when deciding names, heehee!
    We also wanted names that were nice-sounding when they were grown up too, and whatever profession they chose (can you imagine a Zoe-Mai or SunShyne ever being Prime Minister for example) 🙂
    We eventually chose Tristan and Scarlett.

    1. Tristan and Scarlett are beautiful, Scarlett has been mentioned but we know we want Rose as a middle name & thought it might sound a bit ‘red’!
      I think you’re right – you need to think about whether their name would suit them whatever their career. I think so many choose names that are cute for babies, but don’t think thirty years ahead! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. I don’t have children yet, although me and hubby have discussed names as we plan to have them in a few years. We are always hugely stuck with boys names to be honest. I have an unusual name (for my age and where we live) Chantele and my sister is Briony, so I actually love unusual names but not silly made up ones like you said, and I actually dislike ‘popular’ names too, but that is simply because I have loved being a ‘Chantele’. If we ever have a girl we are set on the first being Aria Evelyn (my grandmothers name for middle name) and second Skylar Katelyn (middle name is after hubbys great grandmother Katy) but if its a boy we are stuffed as we can never agree, hubby doesn’t like any of my suggestions! I love Harrison actually, then Fynn, Leo, Wyatt but we will just have to see I think. Rose is hugely popular as a middle name in the UK this last year, we have 3 friends who’s daughters have it, and 3 clients we photographed who have as well! Im sure you will be able to chose one once she/he arrives!
    Two Hearts One Roof

    1. Some beautiful choices there – unusual without being whacky! I especially love aria Evelyn! Rose is such a common middle name but I think it is one of those names that goes with everything – I have Elizabeth and I think pretty much every female my age has Elizabeth or louise as a middle name! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  6. It took us ages to choose our first child’s name, a boy we called Harry. I’d always liked the name Samuel growing up, but for some reason it just didn’t stick! For my daughter we always liked Katie, but then my cousin called her baby Katie! So after a lot of looking at other names (my bestie will contest to the fact we went through every name under the sun, except those faddy names, hate those) & still decided we liked Katie best of all. We got round it by asking my cousin & calling her Katherine on the birth certificate 🙂 Love the name Jessica. I love the meanings behind names Katherine means ‘pure’ & Harry means ‘ruler’. Lovely post, thanks Lizzie XO

    1. Harry’s a good name 🙂 harrison is always getting shortened to harry which is why we chose it! Katie/Katherine is a gorgeous name and i would have loved that, but my sister in law and my niece are Katherine and Katrina so far too many Katie’s in our family! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  7. I think this is a very emotive subject and I would hate to offend anyone. Each and every person names their child something they love. I hope my boys love their names as much as we do in years to come

  8. Before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl we got our girls name so easily, but we were really struggling for a boy’s name. Luckily we had a girl x

  9. It’s interesting how different people perceive names isn’t it. Our latest name is on your list for the wrong reasons 😉 it takes a lot to offend me though! You make some great points

    1. Sorry! It really is just my own personal opinions though,I’m sure many people hate our choices (Katie Hopkins slated Harrison’s!) But as long as you like it, that’s also that matters! X

  10. Thankyou 🙂 I hate that people are judged by names, especially when it isn’t their fault as they didn’t choose the name. However, I can’t say I’m totally innocent as certain names do conjor up certain things, which I hate but one of those things. I love unusual
    Names, it’s the whacky ones I don’t like! X

  11. I love your name choices. I hope you have a lovely third pregnancy and I look forward to seeing what name you choose for the newest member of your family 🙂 xx

  12. Quite thought provoking – I do try not to judge people and their choices. If a child really does not like their name then they can always change it by deed poll when they are older. My daughter’s name is the female version of her name if she’d been a boy!

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