Film Night | The Ordinary Moments

We had Harrison and Alex’s parent’s meetings this week and they both had absolutely glowing reports from their teachers. They’ve both settled into life at their new schools, which we were over the moon about. It was the only thing that worried me when we made the decision to move – what if they struggled to settle in and make friends? As it is, we had nothing to worry about. In fact, I think they are already getting on better in their new one!

Because they’ve dealt with such a huge change so brilliantly, we decided we would give them a treat. Originally, we were going to take them to the cinema, but for five of us that would have cost an arm and a leg, and I don’t think Benjamin is quite ready to sit in a cinema yet. He deserves a treat as well – he’s adapted brilliantly. We decided to recreate the cinema in the comfort of our own home and have a proper movie night.


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Playing Cars {The Ordinary Moments}

Having three little boys, cars and diggers are a huge part of our lives. One of the first toys Harrison ever played with was a car, pushing it up and down the carpet. We now have a huge toybox full of ‘big cars’ and a storage box full of smaller ‘matchbox’ style cars.

Everywhere you look in our house, you can probably find a car. Every surface is a road.

Playing Cars {The Ordinary Moments} |

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