Pink hair, Malory Towers and Doris #LittleLoves

This is a bit of a bumper one this week as I completely missed last weeks! It’s been half term here in Wales, and whilst it started off really nicely, spending the weekend in Birmingham seeing our family, the rest of it has been a bit ‘meh’. I hate it when school holidays are like this but a combination of crap weather and no car whilst Graham was at work put a bit of a stop to pretty much any plans I had. Still, today is a bit better and it’s sunny – I think we might go to the beach this evening!


I’ve done a fair bit of reading the past few weeks. I found my old copy of Malory Towers by Enid Blyton in the cupboard and really enjoyed reading it. I need to go and dig out all the other ones – they’re so cheesy and old fashioned but lovely. I’m now reading ‘Gone Girl’, which I found at my mums house (we stay in my brother’s old bedroom when we are there). I was looking forward to reading it because I love the film, but a few chapters in and I’m not loving it to be honest. I’ll keep going with it though!

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Beauty and the Beast, Raincoats and Sia #LittleLoves

SUCH a cliche, but this Friday has rolled around so fast. I’m sure it was Monday yesterday! I didn’t have a great start to the week – on Friday I came down with what I think was either nasty water infection or even a kidney stone. Whatever it was, it made me feel really, really rotten for a couple of days and I ended up spending Saturday in bed. Thankfully, I woke up on Sunday and it had gone, but it was not nice at all.

Beauty and the Beast, Raincoats and Sia

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Fires, Chinese New Year and Nelly #LittleLoves

Blimey, where did January go? It felt like the longest month ever, but at the same time it feels like it was Christmas just last week. I’m pretty glad January is over. It’s far from my favourite month as it is, but we all seemed to be constantly ill and cooped up. Already, I’m feeling better! This week has been a LOT more interesting than last week!

Fires, Chinese New Year and Nelly Little Loves


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Boring, Boring and a Little Bit More Boring! #LittleLoves

I very nearly didn’t join in with this week because it’s going to be REALLY boring. Then I realised that a) I promised myself to join in every week this year, and B) sometimes life is a little bit boring, and my blog is all about our life! So, apologies for the boringness of it all and the lack of interesting photos – here is this week’s Little Loves!

Boring, Boring and a Little Bit More Boring

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The Girl On The Train, Ed Sheeran and Exciting News #LittleLoves

Well, we’ve had an interesting week! On Saturday evening, Benjamin started sounding a bit wheezy, so I made a mental note to keep an eye on him and make a doctors appointment for first thing Monday morning. By Sunday afternoon he couldn’t stop coughing and was really poorly so Graham took him to the A&E department at our local hospital. A few hours later when they decided they were probably keeping him in for the night, I went there in a taxi so we could swap – after all the crap he went through when he was a newborn, I couldn’t bear the thought of him being in the hospital without me. It turns out he had a ‘viral wheeze’ and just needed an inhaler every few hours. They kept us in to keep an eye on him but we came home first thing in the morning and he was back to his usual self. Our first experience at Glan Clwyd hospital was very good, though – the staff were amazing!

The Girl on the Train, Ed Sheeran and Exciting News

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Spectre, Cocktails and Martina Cole #LittleLoves

First week back at work: done.

It’s always tough to go back after a holiday but you soon get into the swing of things – it was like we’d never been off. Only another 6 weeks until the next week off!!

We’ve actually had quite a nice week, going back to work aside. I was at a blog event on Saturday, we picked up our new little lady on Monday, and Graham and I went out for our first meal child-free in over a year on Wednesday. Granted it was for a blog review, but it was still really nice. Watch out for that review soon!

Onto this week’s Little Loves…

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Seaside, Shapes and San Andreas #LittleLoves

Hello! This week has been another one full of bugs. We’ve all got rotten colds, and I had a migraine one night this week which always makes me feel really poorly. I’ve been trying to give myself a little bit of a break and having some really (like 7.30pm!!) early nights. I feel so tired and run down, and this weekend and the forthcoming Easter holidays can’t come quick enough! We did have a really, really lovely day on Sunday though – we woke up and the sun was shining. We abandoned our plans to do the garden and drove to the seaside for the day – a mere five hor round trip!

Anyway, onto this week’s Little Loves…

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Sigala, Snuggly Jumpers and Signs #LittleLoves

This week has been a slightly strange one. We had a really lovely weekend, visiting Ikea and buying some furniture and bits and bobs for the house, and then lunch at my mums for Mother’s Day. Then on Monday, I woke up feeling sick. And then was sick. And basically was sick all day. I obviously couldn’t go to work that day, and I had Tuesday off as well because I needed to be clear of the bug for 24 hours. I went back on Wednesday but even now feel really drained and tired! Not being at work for those two days has completely thrown me out – I’ve got used to the routine now!

Anyway, onto this week’s Little Loves…

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New house, Brit Awards and Cardboard Boxes #LittleLoves

What a week!! This week has been absolutely crazy. As you may have read in last week’s post, we had confirmation from the estate agents for our house move. We were originally supposed to pick up the keys on Friday, but we actually ended up signing the contract and picking the keys up on Tuesday. It’s meant we could go over for a couple of hours in the morning before I start work and a couple of hours on the evening to give it a quick wipe down, and start unpacking a few boxes. I have the day off on Friday to move, and we are hiring a van on Saturday to move the furniture. Hopefully, by then we should be pretty much unpacked bar the big stuff!! However, that has meant that every second of spare time this week has been taken over with packing and cleaning, so this is a bit of a sparse post this week!!

First cup of tea in the new house
First cup of tea in the new house

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Countdowns, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and New Nails #LittleLoves

What a week!! We have had a lovely half term, with a wander around Sutton Park, a sleepover at my nan’s house, a blogger event and the best news of all – we were accepted on a house we have fallen in love with. The only problem is we found out Tuesday, and we move next weekend. That doesn’t give us much time to pack, but having done it five times in the past five years (!!!!), we are pretty experienced at it now. The next couple of weeks might be a little quiet on the blog whilst we pack and then unpack, but normal service will resume!

Anyway, onto this week’s Little Loves…

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Parent’s Evening, Lukas Graham and New Boots #LittleLoves

Is it really that time of the week already?! I gave myself a break from the internet completely on Monday, turning the wifi off and not even having a sneaky peek of my emails. It was weird, and I missed it but Tuesday I was at work until 7.30 because it was parent’s evening and I had volunteered to do the refreshments. By the time I got home and had dinner it was pretty much time for bed so didn’t look at social media for a second day!

I managed to get the chance for a quick chat with Harrison’s teacher, and he’s doing really well. His targets include learning all the 2d and 3d shapes by the end of the year and writing sentences without being prompted for the next word. The one target was very interesting – to tidy up! Apparently he wanders around when it is time to tidy up the classroom, something he has begun to do at home so we’ve come down pretty tough on this one now. Apart from that, I came away one very proud mommy!

Anyway, onto this week’s Little Loves…

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Luther, Dens and Woolly Hats #LittleLoves

This week has passed in such a blur. I can’t believe that we are in February already. We’ve had our first bout of illness this year – Alex was poorly over the weekend, but perked up and was back to his normal, noisy self by Tuesday. We still managed to get out on the weekend, to do the Stick Man Trail at the Wyre Forest, followed by a late lunch at the pub by the river. Even though he wasn’t 100%, I think the fresh air did Alex the world of good, and he still managed a smile.

Dens, Luther and Woolly Hats |

Anyway, onto this week’s Little Loves…

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Bras, Midwives and Murderers #LittleLoves

How many people have clicked on this because they think I’m going to be announcing something? Haha, sorry to disappoint! I haven’t been visiting any midwives (hell no!!), just watching them.

It’s been a fab week, apart from Thursday when we had two poorly little boys. Alex has been sick a few times, and Benjamin has had a couple of very dodgy nappies. Nice.

Anyway, onto this week’s Little Loves…

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Brownies, Stripes and Eddie Redmayne #LittleLoves

Can you believe that we are a full week into the new year already?If this week is anything to go by, 2016 is going to fly past! Harrison went back to school on Tuesday, and although it has been nice getting back into a routine, I miss the lazy mornings and later movie nights that we had almost ever day in the holidays!

This is the first time I am joining in with Little Loves on Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. The idea of this is to think about the little things that I have loved this week. On with this weeks….

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