Fires, Chinese New Year and Nelly #LittleLoves

Blimey, where did January go? It felt like the longest month ever, but at the same time it feels like it was Christmas just last week. I’m pretty glad January is over. It’s far from my favourite month as it is, but we all seemed to be constantly ill and cooped up. Already, I’m feeling better! This week has been a LOT more interesting than last week!

Fires, Chinese New Year and Nelly Little Loves


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Boring, Boring and a Little Bit More Boring! #LittleLoves

I very nearly didn’t join in with this week because it’s going to be REALLY boring. Then I realised that a) I promised myself to join in every week this year, and B) sometimes life is a little bit boring, and my blog is all about our life! So, apologies for the boringness of it all and the lack of interesting photos – here is this week’s Little Loves!

Boring, Boring and a Little Bit More Boring

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Siblings | January 2017

Every month I will be sharing some photos of the boys altogether and talking a little bit about how they have been getting along. Having three boys so close in age (they’re five, four and two now) is incredibly difficult sometimes, especially with the older two, who have recently discovered play wrestling, but at the same time they usually play really nicely together and are the best of friends.

Siblings 2017

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The Girl On The Train, Ed Sheeran and Exciting News #LittleLoves

Well, we’ve had an interesting week! On Saturday evening, Benjamin started sounding a bit wheezy, so I made a mental note to keep an eye on him and make a doctors appointment for first thing Monday morning. By Sunday afternoon he couldn’t stop coughing and was really poorly so Graham took him to the A&E department at our local hospital. A few hours later when they decided they were probably keeping him in for the night, I went there in a taxi so we could swap – after all the crap he went through when he was a newborn, I couldn’t bear the thought of him being in the hospital without me. It turns out he had a ‘viral wheeze’ and just needed an inhaler every few hours. They kept us in to keep an eye on him but we came home first thing in the morning and he was back to his usual self. Our first experience at Glan Clwyd hospital was very good, though – the staff were amazing!

The Girl on the Train, Ed Sheeran and Exciting News

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My Happy List #1

This is a new (well, new to me!) linky that I’m going to be trying to join in with every week. For those of you non-bloggers, a linky is a where lots of bloggers write about the same thing or the same theme and link to a host blog. The Happy List is hosted by Katy at What Katy Said and Sian at Quite Frankly She Said.

I love the idea of this linky because it makes you think about the smaller things that happen every day that make you happy. I’ve written about some of The Little Things We Love  before and living here in such a beautiful place, there is plenty to make us happy.

Happy Days - The small things that have made me happy this week

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