Surprising Things You Can Struggle With After Weight Loss

Sometimes when we are trying to lose weight, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. All we think about is how we will look and feel when we have worked off those pounds. Naturally we assume that as soon as the weight is off, that life will be perfect, but unfortunately,, that isn’t always the case. See below for some of the most common issues people that have lost weight come across and how you can deal with them.

Self Image

The first thing that a lot of people deal with when they have lost a large amount of weight is their changed self-image. This is because how we look can often have a huge effect on our self-identity. If you have been overweight for a long time, then it is pretty easy to continue to see yourself like that even when you have reached your goal.


That is why it’s important that you do something that will actively help you get used to your new self-image.

You could treat yourself a professional photo shoot. Or, how about clearing out all your old clothes that are too big for you and treating yourself to a shopping spree? If you are worried about the cost of replacing all your clothes, just pick a few key outfits to start with. You should also look for things like these Asos discount codes at Plusvouchercode. That will help you look great without breaking the bank.



Something else that people that have lost weight may come across is jealousy from those around them. It can be hard for people that have known you your whole life as a larger person to get used to the fact that you have been successful at losing the weight.

This can make them react in strange ways. Some may be cold and stop spending time with you. Others may tell you not lose any more weight, or you will look ill. What you have to remember is that your weight loss journey is nothing to do with them and it is all to do with you.

Therefore don’t less their behaviour affect how you feel about yourself or your success. If anything it says a lot more about them than it does about you.


Something else that people that have been successful; with weight loss can find is that they get more positive attention. This can be hard to deal with at first. Some people feel embarrassed or on show. While others have not experienced this before so are totally out of their comfort zone.


It’s important to remember a few things, though. Firstly when someone pays you a genuine compliment, it is fine to acknowledge it and say thanks.

Secondly, your self-worth isn’t based on your weight or what other say about you so don’t let it go to your head too much.

Thirdly learn the difference between a compliment and a someone being inappropriate. Then you can let them know if they are crossing your boundaries.


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