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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had an obsession with stationery. I used to collect folders, ring binders, plastic wallets, staplers and pens. Yes, I was a geeky kid! When I was at sixth form, I had a weekend job at Staples – as you can imagine, I was in heaven!  I used to gaze at the expensive Mont Blanc fountain pens and dream of writing up my history notes with them!

Teaching was the perfect job for me. It was the perfect excuse for using my multicoloured pens and huge collection of funky shaped post it notes. For a long time in between leaving my job and starting blogging seriously at the beginning of last year, I didn’t really have any excuse or reason to use much in the way of stationery. My post it notes stayed in a box, untouched and I could never find a pen on the rare occasion that I needed one. The very few appointments that I needed to remember were saved in my phone so I didn’t need a diary.

Last year, I started taking my blogging and my writing more seriously, which meant getting organised. For Christmas, I asked for a planner to record deadlines and important school dates. My parents bought me a gorgeous one from Paperchase with co-ordinating notebook, and my love of stationery was reignited.

Stationery Stash |

I now have a slight obsession with notebooks, with two or three on the go at any one time. One contains information that I want to keep and one has all of my rough notes and drafts of blog posts and articles that I am writing. I always have a few waiting to be used! I’m not particularly fussed about them being too pretty – some of my notebooks are plain and functional – but there is just someting about opening and using a brand new notebook! I still draft a lot of my posts by hand in a notebook. It’s always in my handbag so if I’m out and about I can jot down ideas or finish off posts. I’ve never quite got to grips with using my phone to record ideas and notes, and find it much easier to get it down onto paper and organise them from there.  Even at Sixth Form and at uni, I would draft essays on paper before typing them up.


I had a new planner and notebook for Christmas (I can see this becoming a ‘thing’ now), both from Paperchase and I love them. I asked for a bigger sized one than last year – A5 rather than personal sized so that I have plenty of room to write down everything. I also went and bought some additional bits and pieces for it – address pages, more note pages and post it notes.


I know lots of planner addicts customise their pages with washi tapes and stickers. I prefer to keep mine really clear and simple so I can see everything at a glance. I use post it notes a lot, and the little sticky tabs are perfect for reminding me when a linky is live. I do love the little stickers that came with the planner to remind me of important deadlines, and I think I will be ordering some more of those!


I do love pens, and if someone was to buy me a Mont Blanc I would be over the moon (if anyone does want to buy me one, I’d really like this one. It’s only just over £1000!!) but my pen collection is generally made up of cheap biros and free promotional pens – they’re always the best!


I’m hoping that soon, I will have space for a desk so I can organise my stationery. At the moment, it’s all piled up on a unit next to where I sit on the sofa, within reach of little hands. I appear to have a mini-me when it comes to stationery – Harrison is obsessed! He has notebooks everywhere and gets as excited over new pens as he does over toys. He’s recently discovered my post it notes and I’m finding them everywhere, usually with his friends names all over them.


Do you like stationery? Where do you buy all your bits from?


9 thoughts on “Stationery Stash

  1. Oh yes, I do like stationery! I get mine form all sorts of places – Paperchase, Ikea, John Lewis, TK Maxx, Zazzle, The Works, The Range, Amazon – to be honest, anywhere I see it I’m likely to want it! I love your planner, I’d spotted that one in Paperchase. I sometimes like to keep mine all clean, too, though other times I’ll decorate with a bit of washi and stickers. Depends on my mood and how much time I have. I like to scribble notes on paper, too, though I always write blog post straight onto WP. I find I’m doing the same with my OU assignments now, though I make all of my notes and planning on paper. Thanks so much for sharing your stationery love with #PaperyPeep x

  2. I love little notebooks too and my filofax, I must get back into using it more actually. Starting this week as I feel so much more organised when I do. Although I think I might have to invest in some stickers for mine 😉 #paperypeep

  3. Hallelujah! Someone who can actually spell ‘stationery’ properly!!! 😉 I had to comment on that alone!! LOL! The amount of things I’ve read recently that have the spelling with an ‘a’ rather than an ‘e’ (as in ‘at a stand-still’) drive me absolutely mad!! But yes — I’m a stationery addict too — nothing lovelier than a brand new, unwritten in notebook!! 🙂

    1. Haha, it’s a bugbear of mine as well. I always remember it as ‘e’ for envelope!!!

  4. Aw I do love some stationery and you look like you’ve got loads of wonderful stuff. I love a new notebook but it often hangs around till I find a use for it (some may call it unnecessary purchases, others preparing!)
    I too have a collection of cheap pens but I have to say my favourite is still the traditional bic pen – I love them! xx

  5. Me too – in fact I still have some of the stationery I bought as a teenager which I just haven’t gotten around to using yet, I must have bought a ton of the pretty coloured paper and envelopes back then to still have it now! And yes, ahem, notebooks might be my nemesis now… ssshhhh! #paperypeep

  6. Oh my goodness me, we’re kindred spirits of the stationery ilk! I’ve never made notes on my phone and much, much prefer to pop my pretty desk diary into my bag to jot things down when I’m able to. I started a gratitude journal in December and have a lovely notebook for that. I’m also yearning a beautiful fountain pen (one will be mine when I sell my 100th book!). As for post-its. Our little girl (6) also likes to acquire mine…! When it comes to highlighting stuff in my diary, I do just that – with an old-fashioned highlighter pen. I find post-its tend to come unstuck too easily, hence why I’m not bothered about our little girl using them! #PaperyPeep

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