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I absolutely love the idea of supporting small upcoming businesses, so when we were invited to a Pop Up Shop event in the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham this week, I was really excited.

Pop Up Shops are a way for independent retailers to get their products noticed in a prime location. It opens for a short time, and several businesses are there together – the one in the Bull Ring houses 12 at the same time. It was really nice to have a look and speak to the people behind brands that will quite possibly be household names in the future.

We went especially to see Jennifer, the brain behind the fantastic Skribbies.



If you were a 90’s child like myself, you may remember the days of fabric paint and fabric pens to customise all sorts of clothes and accessories. Jennifer wanted to bring this concept into the 21st century and designed footwear that can be customised over and over again.

Sadly, the shoes don’t start until size 10, which I would imagine is the average 4/5 year old, and finish at an adult size 3, so at the moment they’re too big for either kids. Jennifer explained that she thought this age would understand that only Skribbies shoes can be drawn on, and not mummy’s expensive shoes, whereas younger kids might see it as the go ahead to scribble over any shoes…sensible thinking!! Although they’re two sizes too big still, we haven’t managed to get Harrison out of his yet, so I think they have the thumbs up from him! Because of the simple design, they’re not going to go out of fashion so they’re fine to put away until they do fit – if I can get them off his feet long enough!!

They’re really quite funky to look at. We chose the blue hi-tops. At the moment the range only includes hi-tops, but they are looking to launch ‘normal’ trainers soon. They do up with velcro which I am relieved about as I hate laces on kids shoes!


The hi-tops means there is plenty of ‘drawing’ space. They are made of a special sort of material, imagine almost like a soft whiteboard material which can be drawn on with the special pens provided.


In the box was also a rather trendy wristband that doubles up as a wipe for the shoes and a pen holder.


Harrison has been carrying his pens around all day and ‘writing his name’ on them. Anything that encourages kids to write and draw gets my approval!

The blue hi-tops we had for the boys retail at £39.99, and can be bought on the Skribbies website.


*We were given two pairs of these trainers for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

16 thoughts on “Skribbies Review

  1. These are great my daughter loves drawing and would love to have pair of these #TriedTested

  2. Kids love these and I really want to but I just can’t get my head around letting children draw on shoes! I’m the same with blackboard paint on walls – Drawing on walls?!?!?! 🙂 x

  3. Wow. What a fab idea 🙂 lets kids design their own shoes and let’s their imagine go wild x

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