Siblings: June 2014

In just a few months time things are going to be very different. Harrison and Alex will no longer be together all day every day, as Harrison will be off to nursery for three hours every morning. I know it will do them both the world of good, but I also know they’re both going to find it difficult to begin with, as they aren’t just brothers, but best friends. Harrison will have new friends to play with, but Alex will be a little lost without his sidekick at first – but he will get lots of attention from mummy whilst Harrison’s not there.

There is just over sixteen months between them in age. Harrison has adored his little brother from the first time he saw him. There’s never been any jealousy. They have their moments like all siblings, when they bicker, but they are incredibly close.

Siblings June 2014 |

They hold hands at every given opportunity. Just the other day, they walked a little ahead of me down our road. Harrison knows that he has to walk the side away from the road, but when walking with Alex, he made sure Alex walked on the inside. That just summed up how much he wants to protect and look after his little brother.

Siblings June 2014 |

When either of them are upset, the other one is always there to give cuddles. Quite often, their dad and I are left feeling a bit redundant as they go to each other for comfort!

Siblings June 2014 |

On the weekend we were both at my parents house where they both had an ice cream sundae. Alex had a few spoonfuls of his and then wandered over to Harrison, who began to give Alex some of his. This brought back memories of when Alex was about five and a half months old and we gave him a little taste of pur̩ed food. Harrison was eating his own dinner but rushed over and insisted on helping to spoon feed Alex Рhe was only a baby himself!

As I write this, they’re chasing each other up and down the garden, tickling each other with blades of grass and taking it turns on their slide. They always play beautifully together.


In December, two will become three. I know that they will both take the role of big brother very seriously and look after and protect their little brother or sister as they have done with each other. I’m lucky that my two younger brothers and I are still close even though we are all adults, and I hope the three of them are best friends for life!


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