Shaving Foam Painting



We had tried painting with shaving foam last year, and made some fantastic Halloween mummies. It was lots of fun and the puffy raised effect looked really good. We are building up a little Autumn display on our playroom wall, and I wanted a few leaves to dot around. Yes, we could just paint some, but part of the fun is creating different effects, and I like to make it as sensory and ‘active’ as possible.

To do this you will need:

A tray

Shaving foam

Coloured paint





Squirt the shaving foam onto the tray. We used quite a lot, but it would be interesting to see the different effects would create. On top of the shaving foam blob some paint. Because we were doing Autumn leaves we used autumnal colours – reds, greens, oranges and browns. Using a fork, swirl the colours into the foam. Harrison loved doing this. It creates a really pretty marbly effect in the tray, and a great opportunity to talk about colour mixing.



We then gently pressed our leaf shaped sponges into the foamy paint. We used some kitchen roll to dab off the excess and then pressed them onto some paper. Our leaves looked fab! The marbly effect looked lovely, and it it left a really velvety texture once dried. It also smelt nice, which was an added sensory bonus!





Once we had finished making leaves, we pressed whole sheets of paper into the foam to see what we could make. This took a very (very) long time to dry, but looked fab – we will cut leaf shapes out of these for the display!



We then put our hands into the foam and tried to make handprints. These didn’t come out very well but it was fun to squelch the foam through our fingers!



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