Scholl Footcare Review and Giveaway

I’m not a huge fan of feet. In fact, I hate my feet, and other than painting my toenails and moisturising them when I think about it, I don’t do much to them, especially through the winter when they’re in thick socks and UGG boots.

When we had that heatwave a few weeks ago, I treated myself to a lovely new pair of sandals, but then was embarrassed about wearing them because of the state of my feet, particularly my heels which were all cracked and a bit grim. I tried using one of those cheap hard skin remover things, but it was about as useful as a chocolate fireguard, and no amount of foot cream was going to make them look better. I couldn’t wait to try out the Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond Crystals Express Pedi.


The roller head has micro abrasive particles and finally ground diamond crystals (and is all sparkly!) to remove al the dead and hard skin off feet. I didn’t think for one minute it would get rid of it all, but hoped it might make them a little less manky.


I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it already comes supplied with batteries – that doesn’t happen very often. I immediately put it through it’s paces on my feet. I’ll spare you the photos – no one needs to put through the trauma of seeing my feet – but it worked. Not just a little bit, but got rid of all the hard skin. It took about five minutes per foot, which wasn’t too bad and the device is ergonomically designed so it is comfortable to hold.

It didn’t hurt like traditional foot scrapers can, and was actually quite a nice tickle. The only thing that I hated was the amount of lovely ‘skin dust’ that ended up all over my black jeans. Yuck. Once I had got rid of the skin, I covered my feet in some of the Scholl Instant Recovery Foot Cream, and went to bed in a pair of socks (yep, that was a good look!).

The next day my feet felt lovely and soft, and there was no hard skin to be seen anywhere. Typically, the sun has now decided to do one, and my feet are back in thick socks rather than my sandals.


Just in case the sun does decide to make a reappearance, I can offer a reader the chance to win a Scholl foot care set to make their feet look, feel and smell lovely. The kit includes Fresh Step Shoe Spray, Instant Recovery Foot Cream and Party Feet Gel Cushions. I can’t offer you the pedi roller, but they are available to buy from Tesco and Boots for around Β£29.99 – well worth it in my opinion.

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321 thoughts on “Scholl Footcare Review and Giveaway

  1. Do uggs count as shoes? They are so comfy and they are technically slippers but I wear them everywhere. Bonus no sore feet with them. I have tons of hard skin and it gets sore sometimes and my feet are super wide and weird looking so shoes that fit right are a nightmare to find.

    1. I love my UGGS, I live in mine when the weather turns!

  2. I have a lovely pair of Kurt Geiger heels in cream! They really elongate my legs and look great with a tan so I keep them for nights out during the summer!

  3. My current favourite shoes are some totally impractical coral coloured wedged strappy sandals. I got them last month in TKMaxx. My OH treated me as he said I needed something pretty to go out in. I ❀️ Them. Surprisingly comfy too….walking from car to bar anyway.

    1. They sound lush – especially coral coloured! I can’t wear heels anymore πŸ™

  4. They are shiny black, low heel, round toe & made of soft leather. They are bliss to wear xxx

    1. I love my slippers, as soon as I get home it is shoes off, slippers on!

  5. Would love to say expensive but my favourite pair of heels are from a supermarket. They always get noticed and are both classy and comfortable

  6. My favourite shoes are my Clarks black blocky heel shoes. They are heels, but soooooooooooooooo comfortable!

  7. my flip flops because when i am wearig them i know i am on holiday

  8. Love my Moda In Pelle boots, they took me ages to save up for them and are so comfy and stylish

  9. My favourite pair of shoes are peach and black high heels which i love and are so comfy. I got them from republic a few years ago.

  10. My favourite pair of shoes are a pair of black flats with a little sparkle detail, they can be worn with anything and are so confortable

    1. Black flats are a classic – I have about three pairs!

  11. I hate hate hate my feet, they are awful. But I do love shoes and my favourite shoes are wedge heels – especially wedges heeled sandals. I have a pair of nude ones from Next for this summer πŸ™‚

    1. Love wedges – they’re the only heels I can wear!

    1. I am SO with you on that one, I love my converse!

  12. Although I have some really pretty heels and I love shoes, I have wide feet and heels really hurt so I love my hush puppy sandals for comfort πŸ™‚

  13. My favourite shoes would have to be my slip on mules, as they are so comfy and have never rubbed.

  14. I Own to many shoes haha my favourite has to be either my ugg boots or Lacoste trainers or when I am going out somewhere I like to where heels ☺️

  15. I just bought a pair of court shoes with a block heel that fit like a glove and look like dancing shoes

  16. I love my trainers they are so comfy but I do get hard skin from wearing them so much

  17. My favourites are so uncomfortable that I can’t even wear them!

  18. Black evening sandals, with a 2 inch court heel – smart, comfy and I can dance all night in them

  19. A pair of grey sketchers, they are so comfortable. They have memory foam insoles. No laces, they slip on and are so comfortable as colourful elastic on front where laces would be . No lace tying, yet comfortable secure fit every time.

  20. Crocs are my go to at the moment, i’m heavily pregnant with swollen feet and they are so comfy , cant wait to reach them again, file them and paint my toenails x

    1. Oh that was one bit of pregnancy I didn’t like!

  21. Being tall i do’nt really like heels although i used to wear when younger,But when daughter got married i got a pair of kitten heel Black sandals with like a Daisy effect on front,which i quite like.I am not really a shoe person lol

  22. My faith wedge sandals as nice and comfy and make me taller πŸ™‚

    1. I have the opposite problem – I’m almost 6ft in flats so big heels are a no-no x

  23. I looove my fit flops! even though the summer so far in Scotland has been non existent so far…I wear them all the time…even in the rain!

  24. Practicality and comfort matter more to me than looks with shoes. My favourite day to day shoes are my Doc Martens Chelsea boots.

  25. I love my Timberland style boots! so practical in the Winter, But still wearable on rainy days in the Summer too!

  26. I have a really comfy pair of boots but love my fluffy slippers.

  27. It’s a pair of flat lacey black pumps from Aldi would you believe. Although my mum disapproves because she says they’re not supportive enough bless her she makes me smile.

    1. Haha, that sounds exactly like my nan. Didn’t know Aldi had done shoes – will keep an eye out!

  28. I discovered my favourite shoes by accident.. I went to a shoe shop, tried some shoes on, thought they were comfy enough and good for work. So the lady went out the back and got a new pair for me to take away as the others had marks on them. I didn’t open the box until I got home and when I did.. it was a totally different pair! I was a bit annoyed but tried them on and actually found they were really comfy!
    They’re now well worn and I don’t know what I’m going to do when I have to find a new pair!

  29. A pair of cream sandals, that look so boring, but are like wearing your slippers!

  30. My favourite shoes are a pair of Chelsea boots in the softest black leather which I could wear all day without a twinge and have walked miles in

  31. My favourite shoes are green Mary-Jane style shoes. I bought them years ago, have only worn them a few times but they are gorgeous! They are so comfy and were only Β£25, wish I had bought 2 pairs as I could have kept one for best and worn the others all the time.

  32. my favourite shoes were “lost” a few years ago, they were ankle cowboy boots by HushPuppies, and were so comfy, i still wonder to this day where they have gone!

    1. I have a pair of shoes that randomly disappeared – where the hell do they go?

  33. I absolutely adore boots! Whether it’s heels, docs, workmens! Anything related to boots! πŸ˜€

  34. My favourite shoes are trainers – I lean towards seriously casual in my dress πŸ˜€ Can’t beat them for comfort.

  35. My shoes must be flat I can’t walk in heels lol .my feet have dry hard skin so this would do wonders x comment luv

  36. I struggle with finding shoes I can wear so when I find a pair I wear them out with overuse!

  37. My trainers but I only get to wear then at weekend as I have to be dresses smart during week

  38. I love shoes, in particular I have a pair of pink heels that I’ve worn for every occasion. They’re fab.

  39. I have a pair of black flats with gems they are lovely and so comfy.

  40. Wife loves her Clarks sandals in summer, and her Reebok Hi-tops in winter for general wear. She also loves a strappy stiletto though! πŸ™‚

  41. my spike boots havent worn then out as scared i may get arrested lol..they are fabulous and fragile

  42. I love my ugg boots, mind you I have 4 or 5 different pairs! I love them all!

  43. My boots ! comfortable, supportive, great with jeans or with dress and tights. Worst thing about summer is when it gets too hot to wear them

  44. Love my low sandals, cover my little toes up nicely but also have sparkly bits on them to look that little bit special x

  45. I have some rather amazing bright blue Red or Deads. They’re stunning and since I became a parent I seem to have forgotten how to walk in heels!

  46. My favourites are Ugg boots that I bought on holiday in Sydney. They remind me of my holiday every time I wear them

  47. 6 inch Black suede heels love them but my feet ache the next day x

  48. I have a very active working dog so spend a lot of time up to my knees in mud walking her in all weather so it has to be my Hunter wellies – oh the glamour of my life!

  49. I know it’s not very exciting but this time of year I live in my haviana flip flops!

  50. i dont really have many pairs of shoes i have a pair of trainers which i always wear because comfort first! and also a pair of boots which is occasionally worn for special occasions and very rare nights out

  51. I have a pair of shoes i bought 15 years ago from johnathan james for 6,99 there black cork wedged shoes , the first time i wore them they were so comfy iv worn them an worn them over the years i must say they are looking a bit on the knackerd side now but i carnt bear to throw them out .

  52. I’ve got a red pair of flats that I love and look great with jeans

  53. My favourite shoes are my Croc flip flops. They are not the standard ones, they are less bulky and so lighter. They are just so comfy!

  54. My favourite shoes are my Croc flip flops. They get worn pretty much all the time in the summer and indoors in the winter.

  55. I love my flip flops I year then nearly all summer and have many pairs so using my express pedi really helps to keep my feet looking good I could not live without it now

  56. i have a pair of knee high black buckled suede high heeled boots, they are the most expensive pair of shoes i own and i adore them πŸ™‚ cant walk in them easily but i love them haha πŸ™‚

  57. I have a gorgeous pair of irregular choice heels I absolutely love

  58. I love my wedges, and my crystal gem encrusted heels πŸ™‚ xxx

  59. My favourite shoes are a pair of baby blue leather wedges, they are comfy and make me 3 inches taller

  60. My favourite are my navy and brown leather Vans, as they’re sooo comfy

  61. My feet ache a lot, so I have to use shoes with a support arch. so my work shoes are comfy.

  62. My espadrilles I would wear them in winter if they wouldn’t get soggy

  63. The comfy flipflops I bought on holiday for about Β£8!
    They’re silver with a butterfly on

  64. I’m on a sneakers kick right now, so my favourite shoes are Adidas Stan Smiths!

  65. I have a pair of silver sparkly high heeled sandals from L K Bennett. I wore them on my wedding day, and on a few cruises. Now tend to wear them at Christmas or for black tie events

  66. my favourite shoes are my trust doc marten, and although they’re comfortable the do not do my feet any favours for when i want them to look nice in a pair of sandals

  67. I used to love wearing heels, all day everyday.
    Since having my daughter I find myself wearing comfortable pumps or trainners!
    My anniversary I had every intention of wearing heels with my dress, we were going to London to see Lord of the Dance. As soon as we got off the tube I had to source down the nearest Primark for some comfy flats!

  68. My favourite shoes are a black patent mary janes pair with a small heel, simple but pretty πŸ™‚

  69. I actually don’t have my favourite pair of shoes now, they were slip-on vans with sharks on, II wore them out and am so gutted I can’t get any more.

  70. My favourite pair of shoes are my old, comfortable, scruffy Converse trainers.

  71. My leather soled loafers are my favourite shoes. I love Northern Soul dancing so comfort and speed are a must.

  72. My favorite pair of shoes would have to be a pair of Β£10 nude heals that my friend gave me on her wedding day. They are super comfy and look amazing, you’d never know they were so cheap!

  73. my favorite shoes are my wedges I own. I love them! They are SO COMFORTABLE! for being a heel!

  74. They’re pale green stiletto T-Bar sandals & I ADORE them. I limit how often I wear them just so they’ll last!

  75. my favourite shoes are my converse, sad I know, but they are very comfy when you walk everywhere

  76. I have shoes and boots that were a little pricey but my absolute favourites I own at the moment are a pair of navy and white stripe ballets from the supermarket! They actually look a lot more expensive than the Β£6 I paid for them, are incredibly comfortable and I wish I’d bought two pairs because they’re still going strong after buying them last summer but, of course, they haven’t brought them out again this year!

  77. I have a pair of black high heels, they have an ankle strap. The were reduced from Β£40 to Β£4. not sure whether I like the shoes or the fact that they were such a bargain more

  78. The shoes I wore for my wedding – cream with jewels on πŸ™‚

  79. A pair of 1980s lace up ankle boots I spent a fortune on the year before they suddenly came back into fashion and the shops were full of repros… Mine are still better. πŸ˜‰

  80. My favourite shoes are a pair of white wedges as they pretty much go with everything! πŸ™‚

  81. Since having the kids my converse have become my favourite shoes…. i love heels but rarely get chance to wear them anymore x

  82. Has to be my slippers, they are the only footwear I enjoy wearing!

  83. ususally found wearing sketchers but love wearing my turtle slippers the most

  84. i have a gorgeous pair of high black carvela shoes – they make me feel very sexy Ooh La La

  85. I love my black patent heels as they easily make an outfit have a special touch

  86. i pretty much live in flats. i’m so boring, though i do have a lot of colours haha

  87. My favourite shoes are soft eco shoes that i wear for walking the dog in they are so comfy i don’t ever want to lose them or wear them out

  88. I have a lovely pair of wedge sandals that are smart enough for going out in

    1. My fave shoes a t the moment are from Oasis, colourful butterflies all over them!

  89. I not much of a shoe person quite honestly! I wear flip flops whenever possible!

  90. I have to wear ‘sensible’ shoes for work, so love it when I can just potter about in my flip flops – bliss!

  91. I have a favourite pair of flats. They are white and so comfortable!!

  92. I have a very comfy pair of shoes that are leather with a little wedge, just a perfect height for me as I can walk for miles in them.

  93. A pair of bright pink court heels with a flower on the front I love to wear them to weddings and special occasions πŸ™‚

  94. Mine are a barganious pair of red glitter heels. I feel like Dorothy in them and they only cost Β£5!

  95. I have my Jimmy Choos which are simple black heels, they were a present from my nan and grandad for my 21st, they always make me feel amazing

  96. Since I had an op on my knee about 4 years ago I can only wear flat shoes. Although I have some nice ones I have to admit my favourite ‘shoes’ are my new trainers! They are the most comfortable ones I have ever owned.

  97. I have a pair of low heeled boots I ordered from America that ended up costing about Β£400 when shipping and taxes were added. Worth every penny!

  98. I love pretty high heeled shoes but as I suffer with painful feet I spend most of my days in flat sandles or trainers or best of all soft cosy slippers!

  99. i actually love my ugg boots! they are so comfy! missing them in the summer!

  100. My favourite shoes are a pair of teal green court shoes that my Grandma wore to my mom’s wedding. Since I was a little girl, I remember playing for hours in these shoes wishing I could be as glam as my stylish Grandma!
    She is 80 now and has swapped her heels for trainers as she hits the gym 3 times a week!! Overall I suppose these shoes are my favourite as they make me think of my Grandma who inspires me constantly! What a woman! (Have perhaps babbled slightly- sorry!)

  101. My prettiest pair of sparkly shoes have only been worn once and they now remain simply as an ornament as I have to admit defeat when it comes to skyscraper heels!

    1. Same as me. I want a pair of Christian Louboutins – not to wear but to display on a shelf!

  102. My fave shoes are my Kurt Geiger fuchsia Jitterbug shoes. They each have a little gold beetle at the front of each shoe before the peep toe. They’re so lush I can’t bear to wear them and they stand in pride of place by the fireplace in my bedroom x

  103. Mine are my Jimmy Choo wedding shoes – I get them out every so often to stroke them!

  104. im not one for high heels, i just cant walk in them, but i do have a pair with a slight heel, but my feet always hurt when i wear them.

  105. Oh dear – I am about to admit in public that I adore my short blue and red spotty willies

  106. My favourite shoes are a pair of cream heels that are actually really comfy! They go with everything and make me feel sophisticated.

  107. I have a pair of Ruby Shoo shoes which are black heels with a little flower print. I love them but you have to wear something plain with them.

  108. A pair of Dr Martens. I kicked a freshly landed metorite into a bucket and took it to Peterborough Museum, a photograph was taken showing my melted boot as proof that I have set foot on Mars (where the metorite came from). Beat that!

  109. Mine are a classic pair of white dolly shoes. They go with everything and are so comfortable!

  110. I love Vans, I now have about 6 pairs and they are the most comfy cool shoes ever.

  111. I love my Vasyli flip flops as they are made to readjust you feet to stop the legs aching

  112. A pair of red Mary Janes with a little heel – really pretty, but so comfy as well.

  113. My favourite shoes? That’s a hard choice as I like all my shoes but I think it will have to be my black heeled boots – I bought them in Roermond years ago and still love them

  114. Oh so many to choose from. Probably my brown sandels which I we are all the time

  115. My boots! So comfy and durable, although they’re looking a little worse for wear now! Will need to get some new ones soon πŸ™‚

  116. I love my pair of Irregular Choice shoes. They’re so funky and colourful. They are comfortable to wear and don’t have a huge heel so I don’t fall over πŸ˜‰

  117. A pair of red velvet super high peep toe stilettoes I found for Β£6 in a tiny village shop. They’re so gorgeous, but not the easiest to walk around in!

  118. My favourite shoes are actually my Converse! They are white so go with literally everything, and I have been able to spend most of the summer in them and feel super comfortable at the same time! x

  119. My comfy Birkenstocks in white. So comfy! I’ll be so gutted when the winter comes πŸ™

  120. I’m afraid my absolute favourite shoes are my comfy Havianas flip flops, I adore them!

  121. my favorite shoes are my new sandals I bought from BHS. They look smart, have a high wedge heel, but are so comfortable to wear and just feel like slippers on my feet.

  122. Gorgeous pair of irregular choice heels, comfy and cute and always get noticed πŸ™‚

  123. I have to wear sensible shoes nowadays but my favourite ones which I wore in the early ’70’s were nick-named my “fire engines”. They were bright red with enormous platforms and I bought them from Sacha on Oxford Street in London. I used to spend more on shoes than anything else.

  124. A pair of Dune red snakeskin killer heels. They hurt my feet so much but I love them!

  125. My Kurt Geiger boots I got in the sale last year…taupe ankle boots with buckle <3

  126. Definitely a better idea to use this instead of a Black and Decker sander! Looking forward to nice smooth feet.

  127. A pair of lovely pale pink shoes with a pattern on and a strap around the ankle area ,just lush and I wore them for my daughters wedding

  128. I’m addicted to flip flops in the summer, mine are teal with pretty beading on them πŸ™‚

  129. I recently bought some lace up wedged black boots and they go with a lot of things and make my outfits look a bit more grungy!

  130. I don’t wear proper shoes much as I prefer to wear flipflops when it’s dry and boots when it’s wet or cold.

  131. They are a mustard yellow colour and I bought them in newlook years ago but there is something about them that I love the heels not to high and they are so comfortable

  132. I love my FitFlops. Like walking on cushions I wear them from April til October and have a strange triangular sun tan on my feet as a result!

  133. My Pink joe sanchez cowboy boots y husband got me for my first gig πŸ™‚ I love them πŸ™‚

  134. My favourite pair are some impossibly high heels that my grandmother bought me for my 21st birthday. I can’t walk in them but they are divine!

  135. My sketchers boots. I cannot wait until winter so I can wear them again. I cannot wear heels for medical reasons and love these boots because they are stylish and provide enough support for my knees. Xx

  136. I have these really comfy converse style trainers and they are great! Comfy to wear, go with most things and easy to chase after the kids in! They also clean up well too.

  137. Probably my comfy furry slippers. That completely cover my feet. I have stupid fat feet and don’t fit pretty shoes, and now my balance sucks and I don’t even try to wear heels. Pesky MS. I still like to have nice smooth feet though.

  138. My Hiking boots that cost a weeks pay in the early 1990s and still going strong.

  139. I have a pair of sandals from clarks that I absolutely love. They are stone coloured with diamantes. They go with everything.

  140. My favourite pair of shoes are a cream fal shoe. They are sooooo comfortable.

  141. my black leather Hotter boots which are so comfortable and have had them for three years now and they are still going strong

  142. My favourite shoes were a pair of my mums classic 50’s suede court shoes – was gutted when my feet eventually grew to big for them!

  143. sadly theyre in the bin a while ago…I bought a( from a charity shop!) a pair of new unworn Prada ballet flats, red and blue, gorgeous,Β£4…The lovely lady serving had no clue about the significance of Prada, bless her.I wore them to death.

  144. My favourite shoes are my black kitten heal shoes they are so comfy and i cant wear really high heals as i’m tall enough πŸ™‚

  145. My favourite shoes are my Haviana flip flops, they are so comfortable, I don’t know what I’ll do in winter!

  146. Summer sandals with heals. Don’t get to wear them as often as I’d want.

  147. my fave pair of shoes are a pair of black wedges, they are super comfy and i wear them everywhere

  148. My Clarks unstructured Un Loop shoes. They are like wearing slippers and can be on my feet all day, no problems. I see loads of women wearing them, so they must be good!

  149. My favourite shoes are my sandals, i have had them years and they have been molded to my feet, they are so comfy i dont know what i will do when i wear them out!

  150. At the moment its my Skechers Go Walk bought them in several colours, so comfy, light and no need for socks, even had all my friends and family buying them too!

  151. I have a pair of spangly Jimmy Choo trainers that my brother bought me for my birthday πŸ™‚

  152. My favourite shoes are a tan pair of wedges,they’re not too high and I wear them all the time.Within two weeks of buying them I bought another identical pair so that when these are past it,I have another pair x

  153. my favourite shoes had to be my simple black ballet shoes, but alas they have gone, broken sole, toe poking through the end…… and they did smell a bit.

  154. I live in my ballet shoes, they are just so comfy and go with so many different outfits!

  155. My fave pair of shoes are my Celt sheepskin boots, like uggs but made down here in cornwall, they are so warm and comfy i’d wear them all year round if i could x

  156. I love my pink bips (bips is my word for little shoes, such as pumps and slippers). x

  157. My favourite shoes are my green suede shoes… the only problem is they’re a bit old and faded now πŸ™

  158. My favourite pair at the moment are high heeled, snake skin print stilettos. So gorgeous I bought a pair in black and a pair in pale pink.

  159. The shoes I buy most often are Flyflot, they are comfortable and soft to walk on

  160. I have a beautiful pair of navy and cream heels from Dorothy Perkins which I adore

  161. Has to be my blue Manolo Blahniks from featured in Sex and the City. It’s my only real expensive purchase on shoes but I thought I’d treat myself!

  162. i love flipflops in the summer, if i could i would wear them all year

  163. I have this pair of trainers that are so old they are falling apart, but they are so comfy!

  164. My favourite pair of shoes are my navy birkenstocks that have a red sole. So comfy and look great.

  165. I really couldn’t have just the one (I currently have over 80 pairs) but my wedding ones were very special a very soft blush pink with a leather flower at the toe and antique gold laser cut heels

  166. I’m a shoe addict my fave at the moment are my wedding shoes which are a soft blush pink with a leather rose at the peek toe and antique gold laser cut heels

  167. A pair of black iron fist wedge boots. I love them so much i bought them in nude too!

  168. I love a pair of black ankle boots I bought last year which are great for changeable weather conditions.

  169. my favorite shoes are irregular choice they are silver and black with a small heel and lined in velvet and have the most beautifulbox

  170. My black court shoes from Office… I have Louboutins and Jimmy Choos, but none of them are as comfy or as easy to wear.

  171. I have some amazing TUK black heeled shoes with cat faces on the front that I bought in the states about 5 years ago – I am not good at walking in heels so they only come out for special occasions

  172. My favourite are a pair of black flat pumps with silver glitter pattern, they’re really comfy but still nice and quite dressy

  173. Walking Boots – so comfortable and I know I’m headed for a relaxing day in the countryside xxx

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