Project 365: Week 17

Week 17 already? I’m sure Christmas was just last week! Here’s our week in photos.

19th April

day 108We had a really lovely day today – it was a MASSIVE day for our local football team (Aston Villa) –  they got into the FA Cup Semi Finals at Wembley. We had some friends come round for the game. The kids lost interest pretty quickly and went outside to play ‘magic shows’ – I love this photo of them! Villa won by the way!

20th April

day 109We have very slowly started to wean Ben, and today he tried plum. He is a bit young to hold it himself yet, but he kept pulling my mums hand back. He ended up demolishing the entire thing!!

21st April

day 110Today I had some really boring work to catch up on. I always draft stuff on paper first, and using pretty coloured pens always makes it a little bit more interesting!

22nd April

day 111Another beautifully sunny day today – I love these shorts on Benjamin!

23rd April

day 112A couple of weeks ago I won a box of fantastic bits and pieces, which included some phone cases, tablet cases and these cute headphones. They’re for kids so only go up to a certain volume. We introduced Benjamin to a bit of Ed Sheerhan in the sunshine and he seemed to enjoy it!

24th Aprilday 113


We are about to swap rooms with the boys, and then decorate their new room in a Spiderman/Marvel theme. We are doing it on a budget and will be blogging about it very soon. Today I had a go at making a canvas to go on their wall!

25th April

DAY 114


Today was AMAZING. I went to my first blogging conference in Birmingham. I’ll be writing all about it in detail next week, but it was fantastic to pick up some handy blogging tips, but more importantly to socialise with some other fab bloggers!


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