Project 365: Week 16

April 12th

day 101We had a lazy Sunday today, just chilling out and watching films. We put on the old Masters of the Universe film and the boys were engrossed!

April 13th

day 102Today was a teacher training day so we made the most of it and headed into Solihull on the bus. Harrison grabbed one of the newspapers and sat reading it, much to the amusement of the old ladies on the bus!

April 14th

day 103Today was a beautiful, hot sunny day, so Benjamin had his little romper suit on. I’m really glad he had chance to wear this – I’d packed it away thinking he wouldn’t get the opportunity to wear it!

April 15th

day 104


Today was another hot and sunny day, and the kids spent most of the afternoon in the garden. We need to do a bit of work out there to make it really nice, but once it is done we will have quite a nice garden!

April 16th

day 105I’ve wanted some of these mini milk bottles for absolutely ages – so when I saw them for £4 on eBay I had to order some. They’re perfect size for the kids and are so much cuter than a normal drinking glass!

April 17th

day 106Yesterday we found out that Harrison had his first choice of primary school for September, which was a huge relief. It hit home that he will be off to full time school soon and I want to make the most of our afternoons together at the moment. We occasionally walk round to Costa and have a drink together, which we both love.

April 18th

day 107


Benjamin is teething like crazy at the moment, which is why he has his hand in his mouth. Luckily we were sent a set of bibs to review to keep the dribble off his clothes!

One thought on “Project 365: Week 16

  1. So pleased you got your first choice of school, I remember that run up to my twins starting school. It is a very weird feeling, excitement of them starting and the new experiences for them but the sadness of them not being at home with you. It is funny how quickly you settle into the school life.

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