Project 365: Week 15

April 5th

1513702_10155400581610500_593661047971699209_nToday was Easter Day. We don’t go nuts at Easter – just an egg each from us, one from my parents and one from my brother. They had a little egg hunt at my parents as well which should keep them going in chocolate for a few weeks!

April 6th

day 95

Harrison climbed onto the sofa next to Benjamin and was telling him all about the giraffe – he’s such an amazing and caring big brother!

April 7th

day 96

It was a beautiful, warm,sunny day today, so we headed over to a park just ten minutes from our house that we hadn’t realised existed until a few days before. There’s acres of grass to play on and a fantastic play area. We only intended to go for a quick half an hour or so but ended up there for a few hours!

April 8th

Selfie with jason

Today Graham and I went to The Gadget Show Live at the NEC. It was absolutely fantastic, and getting a selfie with Jason was pretty awesome!

April 9th

day 98Today my mum and I went into Solihull for a wander round the shops without the kids. It was so lovely and sunny that it seemed rude not to stop and have a quick beer (mine was the half!). Even though neither of us bought anything it was a nice day!

April 10th

day 99

We had some fantastic news about this little one this week – the results from his nuclear kidney scan came back showing no damage was left to his little body after his illness at Christmas. We were so relieved!

April 11th

day 100


I spent the afternoon making two of these. They’re kits from The Works but were too fiddly for the kids and involved LOTS of sewing. I actually found it really therapeutic!

One thought on “Project 365: Week 15

  1. Looks like a fun filled week! Love the Easter hunt pic- I was going to do one for Phoebe, but I live in a flat so there wasn’t exactly a lot of room to hide them lol! x

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