PoundToy Toys for £1 | Review

It’s not the most catchy title for a website, but it certainly does sum up what PoundToy is all about – a website that sells toys for just £1!

We don’t do stocking fillers, but if you did, the little gifts on the website are absolutely perfect. There’s all sort of things on there – from cars to Christmas decorations, puzzles to games. We decided that it was a good opportunity to stock up our ‘present cupboard’ for all the birthday parties the kids get invited to and to pop into the collection box at church, who then donate gifts to women’s refuges and to local families who might need a little help, especially at this time of year.

For £50, I was more than able to fill the cupboard up, with a few gifts thrown in for Harrison, Alex and Benjamin! Not every single item on the website is £1, but as you can see, I got a really great selection.

Ben was particularly taken with the genuine Hot Wheels BMW’s, and I know they’ll all love the other Die Cast cars and tractor at Christmas! The other items we had were Mr Men felt picture sets, Trolls nail polishes, Mr Men and Little Miss pencil set and some crayons.

I’ve been pretty pleased with the quality of most of the items – I wasn’t expecting amazing for the price. However, we did crack open the Mr Men/Little Miss Felt activity sets on a miserable afternoon and found them to be a bit naff – there were felt sheets missing out of the one box and the press out shapes were really poorly made, looking more like blobs than anything else. Those aside, everything else seems ok.

I will be using the PoundToy website again in the future when it comes to restocking the present cupboard, so it’s definitely worth looking at!

*I was given £50 to spend on the website for the purpose of this website. All words and opinions are our own. 

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