Potette Plus Travel Potty Review

Harrison has now completely potty trained during the daytime. In the last fortnight we have had just one accident, and that was whilst we were out. You can read our experience here.

He is pretty confident using the toilet whilst we are out and about, but when we were offered the opportunity to review the Potette Plus,  I realised just how handy a travel potty would be. Like most just trained children, Harrison waits until the very last minute to tell me he needs the loo, meaning we have a mad dash to find one before he has an accident. I also wondered what we would do if he needed the loo (especially a number two!) if we were somewhere with no toilet, such as the park.  I was a bit unsure of travel potties – something else to have to think about carrying n the pushchair, which gets overloaded as it is. However, the Potette Plus is so small and lightweight it really isn’t an issue!

Potette Plus

The potty folds up so small (think small dinner plate size!) it fits into some of my larger sized handbags. It does come with its own little drawstring bag to carry it in, which hangs easily off the pushchair handle.

Potette Plus

It has two legs which fold under when not in use. I have to admit the legs aren’t particularly strong – they have collapsed once or twice, but then again, Harrison is a big three year old! The legs also flatten out so that the potty can be used as a toilet seat on a normal loo, which is a great idea.

The potty comes with a pack of ten disposable liners, which are fragranced and biodegradable. These are simply plastic bags with an absorbant pad in to soak up any liquid. They are easy to attach, and you can attach three at a time, meaning they are ready to use. Once they’ve been used, you simply unhook and tie the bag handles together, and dispose of as you would a disposable nappy.  Easy peasy!!

Potette Plus

10639693_10154521134045500_5817491338439312793_n (1)

We were also sent a wet bag, which is really handy as we use cloth nappies for Alex (and Ben when he comes along!). We’ve tried out a few wetbags but I really like this one as it is huge! It held 6 nappies and some of our reusable wipes, which was much more than most of our bags. I also love the design of it – we have some lovely brightly coloured bags but sometimes I want one that is just a bit more subtle, and this one is perfect. It’s a bit pricier than other wetbags we’ve tried, but the size of it makes it more versatile – I can see many uses for it even when we’re completely past the nappy stages!


10653334_10154521133030500_2018515127248699010_n (1)

Two very handy products which are perfect for popping under the pushchair or in the car for those ‘just in case’ moments.


We were sent one travel potty, a pack of disposable potty liners and a wetbag in return for a honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

2 thoughts on “Potette Plus Travel Potty Review

  1. My 2 year old niece is ready for the potty. She’s a bit shy though because we all shouldn’t be watching!

  2. We are in the middle of potty training and going out is a nightmare this looks like a very good idea 🙂

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