Play Doh Cactus

Play doh cactus


We are hoping to get out and about as much as possible this summer, but on days where we don’t, we are going to try and join in with the #TATSummerFunChallenge hosted by Becky from 3 Princesses and 1 Dude and Leandra from Larabee-uk. Each day they are sharing a prompt to help inspire you for play and craft activities.

The prompt for Monday was ‘Play doh’, but we were out so didn’t get a chance to join in. However, on Tuesday we managed to kill two birds with one stone and did play doh and that days prompt – cowboys.

Ok, so it isn’t technically a cowboy, but cowboys = deserts , deserts = cactus – see where I am going with his one?

Play doh cactus

The kids moulded green play doh into a sort of fat sausage shape, and pressed it down into a mini plastic flower pot. Harrison was able to add a branch to his cactus. They then pressed craft matchsticks (toothpicks would work as well).

play doh cactus


What do you think?

playdoh cactus

One thought on “Play Doh Cactus

  1. This is brilliant. My son loves Minecraft and there are cacti in it so this would be something fun for him to make, especially as he loves play doh too. Thanks for sharing 🙂 x

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