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Many months ago, just after we came back from our holiday in Wales, we were given the opportunity to download a Picture Book Explorer pack from Branch Out World. With everything that has happened, it’s taken us a while, but we’ve finally had chance to have a proper good look at it – and I’m impressed

As a teacher, I know how important it is to try and keep kids learning over the long school holidays. The six-week break is much needed (by everyone!) and is a time to have fun and relax, but it’s also possible to learn and enjoy it as well. We always go with what the kids are into at that point – and this summer, it was all about the seaside and lighthouses.

Picture Book Explorers Review | www.coffeecakekids.com

Their educational packs are based on various picture books (hence the name), and naturally, we went for The Lighthouse Keepers Rescue. The beach right by where we were staying had an old lighthouse on it which the kids were really fascinated by, so I knew they would enjoy this.

The pack is a downloadable one and costs just £5.00, which for the amount of content you are provided with I think is really good value. You obviously need to either have the book or borrow the book from a library as well, and you may also need some other resources. These are listed at the front of the pack. All we needed to do was order an East Sussex travel brochure, which was free anyway!

The pack is aimed at children aged 5-10, which I think is pretty accurate. I know Alex (aged 4) would struggle with some of the activities if we followed them to the letter and some would need adapting for Harrison (aged 5) to make them more accessible. Of course, if you are home-schooling or teaching this as a unit of work you would be doing that anyway.

Because of the house move and all the upheaval that went with it, we sadly haven’t got round to doing much more than reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Rescue (and my god, have we read that book!). However, I’ve had a good look through the pack and it’s just brilliant. There are craft and art activities, maths and science and of course, literacy. It’s all really fun and it’s a brilliant way to hook children in. I’ve found myself saving photos of lighthouses and collecting various things so that when we have a go at this in the new year we have lots of resources.

*We were given the opportunity to download this pack free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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