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If anything happened to my iPhone 4s, I’d be gutted. No only is it my phone, but it is my only camera at the moment. All the photos on my blog and all the pictures I take of the kids are taken on my phone. So, knowing how important my phone is, I was crazy not to have a case for it!

Now that I have my personalised case from Mr Nutcase, I can relax a little more. I chose the ‘executive flip leather style case’, which retails at £19.95. There is the option of choosing one from their collection, or designing your own. I obviously chose my own personalised design.

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There are so many ways of personalisation. You could literally have anything! I chose plain white with a small photo of the kids. In hindsight, I wish I had just gone for one from their collection as I don’t like how I designed mine as I didn’t think about the practicalities of my design (see below!). I’m definitely not cut out to be a designer!

I was extremely impressed with the speed in which it arrived. Less than 24 hours after placing my order I received an email informing me it had been shipped. The next day it dropped through my letterbox.

The quality is fantastic. It looks and feels like leather and it hugs my phone beautifully. I’m not worried about it slipping out of the case whilst it’s being used. It looks exactly the way I designed it on the website. Like I said above, I wasn’t overly keen on my design. For a start, I chose white. I have two toddlers – what on earth was I thinking when I chose white?!!! It’s already got the mark of a toddler. Stupidly, I left the case, a Biro and a toddler alone for thirty seconds. Two vital lessons learnt:

1. Toddlers + Biro = bad idea
2. Toddlers + anything white = bad idea

It also gets grubby very easily. Luckily a quick wipe over with an baby wipe solves that, but again highlights the flaw in my design skills!
The photo I chose was reproduced beautifully on the back of the case. I only wanted a small design but you can choose to have a photo or design cover the entire back of the case.

Would I order another phone case from Mr Nutcase again? Absolutely. The personalisation options would make it a great gift and I was impressed with the speed of service and quality.
*I  was sent this case free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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