Party Lite Candles Review

I LOVE candles. One of my favourite things about Autumn and the nights getting  longer is being able to close the curtains and light one of my many candles. Everything looks better by candlelight!

I was really chuffed when I had the chance recently to review some Party Lite candles. I’d not heard of the brand before, so was eager to give them a go!

My favourite one of the selection that I received was the Nature’s Light scented jar candle in Tamboti Safari. In a textured glass jar with an unusual wooden wick, it is perfect for Autumn. The smell was really different to any candle I have smelt before, quite musky and masculine, almost like a really nice aftershave. It makes a change from the more feminine looking and scented candles. This one retails at £25.00

Party Lite Candles | www.parenthoodhighsandlows.comI also received a Wild Strawberry Escential Jar Candle. The pretty flared top glass jar means that more of the fragrance is released. I’m not a huge fan of strawberry scents but this one isn’t too overpowering or sickly. This one costs just £11.95.

Party Lite Candles | www.parenthoodhighsandlows.comFinally, we tried the Black Luxury Scented Medium Jar Candle Trio. This has three different scented candles from the Forbidden Fantasy Range  – Seduce, Desire and Tempt, and are all absolutely lush. These cost £27.50.

Party Lite Candles |

*I was sent these candles for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own


18 thoughts on “Party Lite Candles Review

  1. I love Partylite! My mum sells them so I’ve always got loads of their stuff. She’s just ordered me the Tamboti Safari jar candle too 🙂

  2. I love scented candles, I haven’t heard of this brand before, I wonder are they available in Ireland? I love the idea of the one with the wooden wick, I would imagine it’s quite autumnal if it smells musky.

  3. I’m so into my candles now, it must be an Autumn thing! I love the look of them all, although I’ve never had a black candle! x

  4. I absolutely adore candles. I seriously cant get enough. I have one mainly in my living room and in our bathroom. Beautiful. x

  5. LOVED this post! I loved Candles and am always on the look out for more! Really enjoyed your review and will be buying these for sure! FAB!xx

  6. Never heard about that brand! I’m a huge candle fan, but the ones I love are Bath & Body Works! They have SOOOOOO many scents! Love them, although I do have to order them online.

  7. Interesting scents. I’m not a big candles fan at all – my brother only commented the other day about a huge one a friend bought me years ago that’s hidden behind a curtain. It’s never been lit.

  8. I love candles too, I have a lavender scented one burning as we speak! The candles you got look and sound great. I’m particularly intrigued by the first one, I’ve never seen a wooden wick before!

    1. Me neither – I’m not sure what difference it makes other than looks really nice!

  9. OMG, I love the wooden wick candles. Have you lit it yet? It make the most amazing crackling sound like a real fire. Perfect for autumn. I have some halloween candles to review from Partylite this week…stay tuned!

  10. I’ve been gifted these candles before and they’re really lovely. Completely agree on the cold nights closing in, curtains drawn, fire blazing and candles lit. Bliss!

  11. I love candles too, have them pretty much all over the house! Will have to take a look at these ones, they sound great! I’ve never seen a wooden wick before, I wonder how that would smell? xx

  12. Ah I can’t believe these are still going, my aunt used to sell these years ago! Infact my mum still has some of the candles in her home, some of them are just beautiful to look at! These sound great! xx

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