Painting on Foil

Painting on Foil

Whilst Harrison was at school and Benjamin was having a nap, Alex and I had a go at something different – painting on tin foil.

We do a lot of painting but it is always on paper, so I thought we would see what effects we could create on foil.

It would be really fun to have a go at this using different ‘brushes’ – sponges, sticks, feathers, cotton buds etc. Because it was a bit of a spur of the moment activity, we just used normal brushes this time. We stuck to just two colours this time – pink and purple – to avoid that muddy brown colour that Alex manages to create whenever paint is involved. I also added a tiny drop of washing up liquid to the paint – this helps it to adhere to the foil a bit better and stops it flaking off when it has dried. I taped the foil down to the table to stop it sliding around, and let Alex loose.

foil painting

The metallic surface creates a much more different and interesting look than painting on normal paper. The colours look so different and much more vivid, and gave almost a mirrored effect, and the paint almost glided over the surface rather than be absorbed by paper – it was actually quite therapeutic!

Tin foil

The paint took a lot longer to dry on foil than it does on paper, but once it has dried, it looks fab!

tin foil painting

Mini Creations

The Fairy and the Frog

28 thoughts on “Painting on Foil

  1. Nice idea, it is good to explore something different sometimes isn’t it? great tip about adding the washing up liquid to the paint I would never have thought that would help! 🙂 xx #letkidsbekids

  2. What a great activity – never thought of doing painting on foil but it looks like a lot of fun. Will have to give this one a try – thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. This looks like a great activity! I like the idea of painting on something different to paper. I think that we will be giving this a go tomorrow 🙂

  4. My children love painting but I’m always running out of the paper. I had never considered tin foil as an alternative, but I will now!

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