Ozeri 4×3 Motion Digital Pedometer

We are huge fans of Ozeri products here, having reviewed quite a few products from their huge range of lifestyle products. We received this digital pedometer when I was heavily pregnant with Benjamin, but as I could just about waddle at a snails pace to the bus stop, it stayed in it’s box until last week.

Ozeri 4x3 Motion Digital Pedometer

One of my aims this year is to get fitter. With three young children, finding the time and the money to go to the gym is nearly impossible, but walking isn’t. Having something to monitor those walks will give me a bit more motivation.

This is an extremely high-tech pedometer, used by professional athletes. I have no idea what a tri-axis sensor is, but it makes it extremely accurate. It only picks up steps, whereas I know lots of pedometers often count knocks and jolts as a step, giving inaccurate readings. It not only counts distance (up to a million steps) but speed and calories burned as well, and can store data for up to seven days.

The small design means it is easy to pop in your pocket or on a lanyard around your neck – just don’t do what I did and tuck it into the waistband of your knickers – I ended up with a strange pedometer shaped lump by my knee in my leggings when it slipped down!

I’m a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to anything technical so Graham set it up for me, and he said it was relatively straightforward. As well as adjusting time and date settings, you need to input your weight and height and length of stride. We guessed my stride at one metre, and turns out we were exactly right! We tested it’s accuracy out – I physically counted the steps and then compared it to the reading of the pedometer. It was spot on.

I was really impressed with the accuracy of the product and it is really helping me to get up and take those extra few steps towards fitness.

The Ozeri 4×3 Motion Digital Pedometer is available from Amazon here for just £15.95**.


** Price at time of posting – subject to change

We received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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