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I have to admit I’m pretty rubbish at looking after my skin. I go through a couple of weeks of being really good at moisturising and then forget for weeks. Luckily, I seem to get away with it and my skin doesn’t seem to suffer too much. However, since being pregnant I’ve noticed my skin has become really dry and flaky, especially on my legs, so I resolved to do something about it.

Whilst our shopping I noticed a at all in the middle of the shopping centre selling all sorts of lotions and potions. I don’t normally get sucked in to the demonstrations, but these really caught my eye. After a bit of bargaining and getting myself a cheeky discount, I treated myself!

The first product is the exfoliating salt scrub. This contains dead sea salt and minerals. First thing I loved was the smell – I went for the kiwi scent which was lush! At £45 it certainly isn’t cheap, and way more than I would usually spend on my skin, but worth every penny. You only need a tiny amount once or twice a week so the pot should last ages. It doesn’t feel greasy or oily, and you can really feel it doing the job when you massage it into your skin. It removes all the flaky and dead skin and encourages skin renewal.


Once you’ve rinsed it off and patted your skin dry, you rub in some of the shea nut body butter. Again, at £50 for the tub it isn’t cheap, but it leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth. You only need the smallest amount as it is soaks straight into your skin after exfoliating, and it doesn’t leave it feeling greasy, which is what I hate about moisturising. It is paraban free so no nasty chemicals and fine to use on sensitive skin.


I’ve used it about four times and my skin feels lovely. The softness lasts in between using it. All the flaky dry skin on my legs has disappeared and its even got rid of the hard skin on my feet. I will definitely be looking at buying more from the range, which is available online from www.obeyyourbodyuk.com.

Since reading my review, Obey Your Body have contacted me and have offered readers a massive 35% discount on the website – all you need to do is use the code ‘welcome’ at the checkout!!

I didn’t receive anything for this review – I just really loved the product and wanted to share it!

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12 thoughts on “Obey Your Body Skincare Review

  1. This stuff sounds fab. I’m rubbish at keeping stuff up too but also have patches of dry skin during pregnancy so in trying really hard!! Love the sound of the salt scrub x x x

  2. Thanks for the review , we always happy to hear people enjoying our products .

    We would like to give your blog readers a 35% discount on our website

    All they need to do is to use the code “welcome” on the checkout to apply the discount.

    Thanks again.

    Obey your body team

  3. Really nice to review a product that you obviously love.
    I must admit i was really careful about looking after my skin whilst pregnant and it paid off.
    The salt scrub looks and sounds fab!

  4. Sounds fab, if a little pricey for my pocket! I am hopeless at a skincare routine, finding time for a bath is enough of a struggle!

  5. I’m the same with a skincare routine…. I’ve managed to get away with minimal lotions and potions over the last 30 odd years 😛 xx

  6. It is more than I would normally spend on beauty products, but they do sound good. I need to improve my body moisturising regime

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