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There is a very old quote that reminds us of long ago when the heart of a home was in the kitchen. Thinking about this saying brings memories flooding in, grandma in her flour-dusted apron, smiling and laughing, holding an old wooden spoon. The smells of baking, and the warmth of the oven, filled our senses, making us smile.

Our modern fast-paced society leaves us little time to enjoy those moments as we used to but, luckily for us, innovation and human ingenuity has provided multiple time-saving devices for the kitchen, stove tops, counter space, cabinets and sinks that help us simplify preparation and cooking time as a whole.

With our amazing kitchen designs we have been able to combine our busy daily lives and our family together, bringing that warmth and happiness that grandma’s kitchen always held, into our own modern lifestyles. With this in mind, Mereway Kitchen range is built with the old warmth and comfort remembered with  a modern perspective added in for both efficiency and tradition.


As well as being proudly eco-friendly, Kitchen Finesse is always concerned with what you yourself want for your own space and what your daily needs require.

Kitchen Finesse’s Town and Country Collection is a versatile unique design that is adaptable to fit in with any lifestyle and space.  Whether you prefer a sleek modern city sheen or a more country based look, this is the perfect dream kitchen! The Town and Country design has the best of both worlds all in one great design.

Peeking in to look at a perfect example of this kitchen design we can find The Shaker designed door with its deep woodgrained design setting the tone for a sleek new cook top, counters that shine and reflect the sunshine peering through the windows, and in the midst of it all, simple cubbys with warm easily pulled out drawers of wicker and soft colours that create balance. It is easy to understand how one could find this kitchen ending up as the favorite room in any home!

There are several styles of kitchen in the Town and Country Collection. A few based on the American patterns, such as the Virginia, The New England, and the Country Lincoln, and then for those who prefer a mainly British flair we have The Gainsborough, The Ely, The Islington, and the Charnwood.  Each of these kitchens is unique and has its own style for storage, colour, and workspace.  The most common link between all seven designs is its adaptability to fit into your kitchen space and lifestyle. To top all that off, many of the designs can be mixed and matched to suit YOUR needs and wishes and fulfill that dream kitchen you have kept hidden away for years!
Kitchen Finesse offers Mereway Kitchen Town and Country Collection that is designed with your need for perfection in mind. It is our creation that you can adapt to fit yourself and it is revolutionary in its ability to evolve to fit your home space.

Feel free to stop by our pages with any questions you may have or just to look around at all we have available.  You can find us at

We at Kitchen Finesse are all highly trained, professional staff who take pride in our work as well as is our environmental efforts and we are always glad to visit with you whether it is to plan your dream kitchen immediately or to just help you to find that dream.  We are here for you.

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