Meal Planning Monday

Another week of sticking to the meal plan! I barely cooked anything this week, other than things like rice or wedges to go with meals that I had previously cooked and then frozen – a nice easy week! Good job I made some space in the freezer as we went to our local butchers and bought enough meat to keep us going for a few weeks!

Meal Planning Monday

Here’s what is on this week’s meal plan:

Monday – Fry up

Tuesday – Beans on toast

Wednesday – Butter chicken and rice

Thursday –┬áHomemade chicken and mushroom pie, mash and veg

Friday – Cheesy pasta bake

Saturday –┬áSausage casserole, mash and veg

Sunday – Pork roast dinner

2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday

  1. Mmm, sausage casserole – haven’t had that for a while. Might stick that on mine – though I do mine midweek just before our weekly shop.

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