Meal Planning Monday #1

Ok, so I meant to post this yesterday and completely forgot – good start to my year of organisation! I’m going to TRY to do this every week, both in real life and posting it on the blog. We have meal planned on and off for a few years, and when we’ve done it properly, it’s saved a lot of time, stress and money. With Graham back at work and doing 12-hour shifts, it’s down to me to do the vast majority of cooking which is a challenge within itself! I can’t face the thought of getting to 5pm (aka the witching hour here!) and staring into the freezer trying to work ou what to do for tea whilst the kids run riot. Hopefully, by planning meals ahead we can avoid that!

Meal Planning Monday

So, this is this week’s plan…

Monday – Beans on Toast (we had chips whilst we were out at lunchtime!)

Tuesday – Chicken, Smiley Faces and Mixed Veg for Kids, Bubble & Squeak and Turkey (frozen from Christmas) for adults

Wednesday – Cheesy pasta with gammon – using the leftover cheese and gammon frozen from Christmas

Thursday – Shepherds pie and vegetables

Friday – Beef and mushroom casserole with mashed potatoes and green beans

Saturday – Sausage, mashed potato and onion gravy in giant yorkshire puddings

Sunday – Pork roast dinner

What’s on your meal plan for this week?


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