Luis Suarez : bad role model?

Even if you aren’t a big football fan, you’ve more than likely read the papers or saw the news this morning with headlines about a certain footballer – Luis Suarez.

Suarez plays for Uruguay and also in the English Premier League for Liverpool FC. Fan of his or not, he is undoubtedly a talented footballer. He’s won plenty of accolades for his skills and was the Premier League’s highest scoring footballer in the 2013-14 season.

However, he’s now facing a potential two year ban from football from FIFA (the guys in charge of all footie related things). Why? He bit someone during the world cup game against Italy.

Yes, a 27 year old world class professional footballer bit someone.
Worst of all, this is the THIRD time he has done it and seems to be rather unrepentant about it, reportedly saying, “These are things that happen on the pitch and you shouldn’t attach so much importance to them.”

To make matters even more shocking, the referee didn’t send him off, or even give him a yellow card, even though the bitten player had clear bite marks in his shoulder. Immediately after the incident, Suarez dived onto the floor (he has a reputation for that as well!) holding his teeth. He claims that the other player thrust his shoulder into his face. With a past record of biting, who is going to believe that???

Footballers, whether they like it or not, are role models to millions of children, who worship their every move. What they do in their personal life away from football is up to them, but when they’re on the pitch, doing a job which they are paid thousands of pounds a week for, they need to think carefully. When they behave like this, it sets an appalling example to kids. On a regular basis we read about footballers getting into scraps on the pitch, racially abusing each other, swearing at the referee and each other, spitting, and now biting. Some kids are going to see that and think it’s an acceptable way to behave, both on and off the football pitch.

Of course, not all footballers are bad role models. In fact, most of them are pretty good, showing how to work and play well as a team, accept defeat and determination. Not all bad role models in sport are footballers – I don’t watch any other sport but Lance Armstrong comes to mind – supposedly one the worlds best cyclist who turned out to be a cheat. However, with football being the most watched sport in this country, they all need to be thinking about their behaviour.

Obviously, it is a parents job to make sure their children known how to behave, and they need to teach them that just because Suarez goes around biting someone doesn’t mean it is right (my two boys, who are only one and three know biting is naughty!). It just makes that job a lot harder to do when someone in the public eye is doing it, and not getting into trouble for it. I can imagine a huge increase in biting incidents in schools and playgrounds over the next few days.

I really hope that this time, Suarez has the book thrown at him and FIFA deal with him harshly, giving him the two year ban that I, and I’m sure many others, believe he deserves. This will undoubtedly have a big impact on his career, which would be a shame as he is top of the game at the moment, but nothing less than he deserves.

What do you think?

25 thoughts on “Luis Suarez : bad role model?

  1. I’m no football fan, did hear about this on the radio though – he should be banned and have a huge fine

  2. I’m disgusted to learn he’s only got a 4 month ban! Appalling since as you say, he is a role model and should be behaving as one. He should also have received a hefty fine – in addition to the 2 year ban originally proposed. That man should face criminal charges for assault!

  3. I can’t believe a player of his quality finds the need to do things like this – it all strikes me as attention seeking. It is frustrating me how some of the Uruguay fans are saying the English fans/papers are making a big deal out of it – of course we are! He plays for one of our top teams and is supposed to be a role model for our children. I can’t believe they have been so lenient on him – he should have been banned for life!

  4. I don’t think people give children enough credit for understanding that Luis Suarez is a bad role model, but has talent as a football player. I took a video of my boys asking them what they though and it was really interesting.

    1. A lot of children can’t separate those – when I was teaching, the boys copied everything their heroes did including spitting and swearing.

  5. I detest the man – he did this to Ivanovich last season and they should have thrown the book at him then. He gives footballers a bad name…….some are idiots but the majority do a lot of work for charity

    1. Even first incident would be bad enough, but the fact it is his third – and he hasn’t apologised or even admitted to doing it – should be banned for life in my opinion!

  6. I was shocked that he did this and didn’t receive a yellow card, and even made out that it wasn’t him that bit the other player, but they had thrust their shoulder into his teeth (okay!), even more shocked that this isn’t the first time the incident has happened.

    He has now received a ban I believe, but I do also believe that this behaviour should be punished further. He is a role model to his fans, and this is no way to conduct yourself on the pitch.

    I was then told by my son and husband that the Uruguay players actually are known for biting! That they have bands on their wrist to bite into when they get angry on the pitch……I was stunned…..are footballers savages or something? I mean, I know it’s dedication and frustration when playing a bit match, but biting someone? Come on.

  7. His behaviour is disgusting! We were talking about this the other night. We are teaching our 2 year old twins not to bite but there is a grown man on television doing just that. He should have been banned for a lot longer! x

  8. I don’t think the ban he has is anywhere near enough. In professional football, it seems that goal scoring is the be ll and end all, above being a respectable human being. Even Alan Hansen said that Liverpool should only give him one more chance… No, he should have zero more chances! A regular person on the street would have ended up behind bars by now and faced GBH charges, why is he above the law? Sorry for ranting, it really bothers me!xx #binkylinky

  9. I really don’t understand how a grown man can think it’s ok to bite someone. Even in the heat of the moment and it’s the third time he’s done it. Shouldn’t the police be involved as it is assault at the end of the day. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  10. he clearly has issues to be doing that, and more than once. i really think they’ve been too lenient on him and he should face a stronger punishment.

  11. I do think that as with anyone in the public eye, footballers should set a good example. Kids will begin thinking this kind of behaviour is cool and it so isn’t! I think it’s disgusting. And now yellow card?!

  12. I think the length of his ban was far too short. I’m really shocked by his behaviour – we all spend far too much time trying to get our kids not to bite, and then he goes along and does that.

  13. he should definitely be banned and fined. To be honest with the way the England team played I think they should probably all go. Considering that they are supposed to be world class players and get paid a fortune they are not showing themselves to be the athletes they’re getting paid to be. x

  14. I find it a real shame that footballlers are always held in such regard. Naturally it is the case, children all over the world love sports and football. There are just so many better role models avaliable, drs, nurses etc, yet its over paid footballers acting irresponsibly that people look up to. It’s such a shame.
    Jay x

  15. I am a huge footy fan and so is my daughter!! She looked up to Luis Suarez and is disgusted by his behaviour! I think he should be banned for life. It is not acceptable behaviour. He is a repeat offender too! Its ridiculous!

  16. I’d seen jokes on Facebook about this man but didn’t know what it was all about. It’s disgusting and totally agree with you that he should be banned.

  17. I am not a football/soccer fan but yes I have heard of this. His action is SO unsportsman like. They are there because they have talent, skills and they should know the rules. 3x and this is the only time he got suspended????? Something is wrong here somewhere. #binkylinky

  18. I think he should be ban forever but… he did apologise today so I bet the original 4 months ban will be lifted soon… such a shame

  19. I think that he probably needs some kind of psychological help and that FIFA need to include this in their punishment. He is an awful role model, in my opinion.

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