Keeping Your Child Entertained During the Holidays

When the kids are off school, they are going to need entertaining.  Sticking them in front of the TV is easy, but they won’t be getting the most out of their time off. Here are a few ideas from Rossall School to keep them interested while having fun:

From messy play to cooking...keep your child entertained during the holidays


Camping is a great way to get outside and get practical. There are hundreds of  campsites all over the country, or for a true outdoors experience, go for somewhere that’s a little more off the beaten track. You’ll need to check with whoever owns the land, wherever it may be first. Farmers can be pretty accommodating and you can pitch a tent on their land somewhere out of site for a remote little getaway. Get them helping with the tent, teach them about the great outdoors; a bit of birdwatching, survival skills like building a campfire, the kind of food you eat in these situations… of course, the easier version is sticking up a tent in your garden and leave your kids to it.


Messy Day

One for when it’s bath day! Get a load of newspaper down and let them go at it with some paint. You can use blank paper and get them to come up with their own masterpieces, or try doodling over the newspaper which is always a fun time killer. For smaller kids, get a cardboard box to sit them in and draw all over it, saving your walls. You could get them in the garden for a bit of archaeology. See what kind of dinosaur bones they can find, and if there’s none at least you can get them to do a bit of weeding while they’re at it.

Game Games Games

A lot of the time your kids will just want to stay in and play on their PlayStation or X-Box or whatever . Don’t worry, though, some kids just want to do that and it’s fine. Studies have shown that video games can actually improve cognitive ability, puzzle solving and hand-eye coordination. That doesn’t mean you can’t get involved, however. Grab a controller and ask to join in multiplayer, or just ask them about it, chances are they are heavily invested in it, so take on interest and bond over the story and how the game works.

Kitchen Fun

Teaching children to cook is a valuable lesson for later in life. Learning to cook at an early age will give them confidence in the kitchen when they are independent individuals. Spend the afternoon baking some cookies or cakes or both, then when they’re cooling down, show them how you prepare the dinner and if they’re old enough, peeling the veg.


Story Time

Make most of their imagination, come up with stories together. Help them develop their ideas and write it all down, turn their stories into books of their own and they can be looked back at over time. Let their imagination run wild, you could then get them to illustrate their shows stories, check out Axe Cop, a comic book written by a five-year-old and inked by his older brother!

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  1. Interesting topic. I’ve found that living near the sea is a big help , and having a river close by is also useful !

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