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Whenever we go to visit my nan, the first thing Harrison and Alex do is head straight for the cupboard where my nan keeps a pair of binoculars. They love looking through them and playing explorers, so when our latest Bostik Box came with a theme of’ ‘jungles’, I knew exactly what we would make: jungle binoculars!

We were a bit short on time this month, and this craft literally took us a few minutes with minimal supplies. You can spend much longer on them, but for something quick, easy and fun, this is perfect.

You will need:


  • Cover the back of the animal print paper in Bostik White Glu.13435482_10157034615630500_7932949428939940801_n (1)
  • Wrap it around the cardboard tubes and trim to fit.
  • Hold the two tubes together side by side, and wrap washi tape or duct tape around them to hold them together.
  • Poke a small hole in the top of each of the tubes. Thread a piece of string or wool through and secure it with a knot to make the neck strap.


Pretty easy, right? The kids had hours of fun with their binoculars in the garden!



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4 thoughts on “Jungle Binoculars #BostikBlogger

  1. Wow! These are creatively made binoculars. I’m impressed! Maybe I should make two pairs for me and my niece so we have an alternative pair to what we already have whenever we go out for some outdoor adventures.

  2. Brilliant creativity! So simple yet so effective! Will have to give this a go with my two.

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