Jobs and Repairs to Get Sorted in the Home Before Winter

The summer is drawing to a close; it always seems to come and go in an instant. Before long the cold weather will be here, bringing all the fun and excitement of a new season. In preparation for this, there are a few ways you can get your home ready. That way you can enjoy the autumn and winter ahead without any hassle.

Jobs and Repairs To Get Sorted In The Home Before Winter


Windows that are not efficient will cause heat to escape when you come to put your heating on again. Not only will this cost you more money, but it’s also bad for the environment too. Since power companies burn fossil fuels, it’s important not to waste energy in this way. Make sure windows all shut tightly, and you can’t feel any noticeable draft around the frame. If you still have single glazed windows or old wooden frames, it might be time to start looking into a more energy efficient upgrade. Check for any damage around the window too. You might need to look into repairing cracked lintel or window sills if there are any problems.

Heating and Boilers

After a long summer without having to use the central heating, you should fire it up to make sure it’s all working. Make sure your boiler pressure is within a normal range (there should be a gauge to check) and that all radiators are getting hot. You will need to make sure pipes are insulated since cold weather can cause them to burst resulting in expensive leaks. You can buy insulating sleeves cheaply and do them yourself, or ask a plumber for advice.

Gutters and Downpipes

With the autumn and winter comes heavy downpours of rain. Make sure your guttering is clear of leaves, litter, and general grime. Check for cracks or damage as this could eventually affect the integrity of your house. It could result in leaks, damp and even structural damage to your home. Before the end of summer be sure to examine all of your gutters carefully, and either remove any buildup or have a company do this for you.


Before long, all of your pretty blooms will die off until the spring. The end of summer and early autumn is a good chance to get your outside space prepared for the cold weather ahead. Prune back plants and shrubs that have grown too bushy. Harvest seeds from your flowers ready to plant next year and remove anything that you don’t want to die off into a greenhouse. Plant bulbs ready for next spring, and overseed your lawn. This will fill in any wear and gaps if you do it now it has plenty of time to become established before the frost of winter appears.

Sort Out Sheds and Garages

While the weather’s still mild, give your sheds and garages a sort out. Move any tools and essentials to the front that you’ll need over the autumn and winter. Leaf blowers, snow shovels or plows, etc. It saves you having to do this when it’s cold or knee deep with snow!

Jobs and Repairs To Get Sorted In The Home Before Winter

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