Invitation to Play: Playdough Trees

UntitledHarrison seems to have all but given up his naps now, but is so tired after nursery. He sits and chills in front of the TV but gets restless after half an hour or so, so needs something quiet to amuse him whilst Alex has a nap. Playdough is one of his favourites. Alex is still very much at the stage where the playdough gets thrown across the room so it’s nice to get it out whist he is quiet.

Because we have been doing lots of Autumn theme activities, I thought it would be nice to link it to that. On our tray (£1 from Poundland!), I put some leave shaped sequins, some feathers, pipe cleaners, a straw, and some buttons, all in Autumn colours, and in the middle I put some brown and green playdough. By limiting the amount and colours of playdough and other materials, it stops a lot of the mess and waste.


On some paper we made a tree shape from the playdough, talking about the different shapes we were using – a round fat shape for the top of the tree and a long thin shape for the trunk. Harrison then set about decorating his tree with the bits and pieces, discussing the colours of the leaves and feathers. He then decided to cut up the straw to make branches – a great opportunity to practice scissor control and talk about size.  He cut some long branches and some small branches, and stuck them in the playdough.


Activities like this open the door to so many opportunities for discussion – colour, shape, size, and really help to develop fine motor skills.





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