How to Enter Rafflecopter Competitions

I love competitions, whether it is hosting them on my blog or entering them on other blogs. I’ve been quite lucky, especially recently, winning some fantastic prizes.

Blog competitions aren’t always easy to enter, especially if they use Rafflecopter. I have lots of friends ask me how they do it, and I have had to disqualify many entries on competitions I’ve ran because they haven’t completed the form correctly.

All bloggers run their competitions and giveaways differently, but they do generally involve the same things. I’m using my girls night in bundle competition that is live at the moment to explain how to enter.

Rafflecopter is a widget which collects entries and chooses a winner at random. Once the winner has been chosen, the blogger then goes and checks that the winner has done everything properly before notifying them. There are other widgets available, but most bloggers use Rafflecopter.

rcThe first thing you need to do is log in. You can do this via Facebook or email. If you are chosen as a winner, the blogger will use the email provided or the email you use to log into Facebook to contact you. In this competition, you have 26 potential entries. Some entries have more ‘weight’ than others. On this competition, leaving a blog post comment gives you 5 entries, tweeting gives you 2. Obviously the more options you complete, the more chance you have of winning!

Mandatory entry

Most rafflecopter (RC) competitions have multiple tasks to complete. There is often one (or more) mandatory entries to complete. In this example, the only mandatory entry is to leave a blog post comment. Once you have done that, it opens up to show you other optional entries. You HAVE to do this one – if you don’t, every single other entry is invalid. Make sure you do what it asks – if you click on the little arrow it tells you what your comment needs to include. It might be answer a question or visit another website. Answers such as ‘great prize’ would be disqualified in this case.


To leave a comment, scroll to the bottom of the post. There will be a box for people to leave comments. There are lots of different systems, but I’m just going to show you mine, which is pretty standard.

comment box

Obviously, you need to put in your name and email address. The website is generally for other bloggers to leave their link – don’t worry about that. Leave your comment. Sometimes there may be a captcha (the random letters) or a box to tick to prove you’re not a spammer. A lot of bloggers like myself use comment moderation, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear straight away. Bloggers do check to make sure you have left a relevant comment, so don’t skip this stage!! Once you have commented, go back to the RC and click ‘I commented’.

Other optional entries will then appear. I tend to have quite a few to get lots of promotion!

A popular option is to tweet. If you don’t have Twitter, that’s fine – remember these are optional.


If you click ‘Tweet’, a pop up opens with the tweet automatically written. You then click Tweet and then another pop up opens saying that it has been posted.

jClick ‘view it on Twitter’,  which opens it up in a new window. Copy and paste the URL from the page into the RC widget, and then click ‘I tweeted’. I always have this as a daily option – you can come back every day for the duration of the competition and do this again for extra entries.

There are plenty of other optional entries. The ones I usually have involve the following:

Follow on Instagram – I include a clickable link to my Instagram profile. You then need to follow me, and then type in your Instagram user name in the RC (so I can check you are following!). Don’t unfollow the next day – if you’re chosen as the winner and you’ve unfollowed, you’re disqualified!

Follow on Pinterest – this is pretty much the same as the Instagram one – follow the link, click follow and then type in your username.

Follow on Bloglovin’ – Bloglovin is a place to follow blogs. You do need an account – you can register using your Facebook log in.

Comment on other blog posts – have a mooch round my blog and leave a comment on one. You need to remember the title of the post because you need to type it into the RC widget.

Follow on Twitter – again, the same as Pinterest and Instagram options

Subscribe on YouTube – same as above!

Visit on Facebook – we’re not allowed to ask you to like our pages on Facebook anymore, but we can ask you to visit. We do LOVE it when you like the page though!!


Hopefully, this has made using Rafflecopter a little clearer – but if you’re not sure how to do something, always ask. We don’t bite!!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this – as you know I’m really new to this – and there’s no manual – I remember seeing rafflecopter and thinking … What?! Lol. Much clearer now 🙂 x

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