How Do You Entertain Your Children?

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Entertaining three children aged 5 and under, whilst also working from home and not always having access to a car can be difficult.  The last few days of the Easter holidays have proved that with me almost going off my rocker by Friday afternoon. We are really lucky that we live on the coast and can access so many beautiful beaches, one of them being just five minutes walk away. We go down there as often as we possibly can – if the weather isn’t great we put on our wellies and waterproof jackets and go and splash in the puddles! Other days, when we can’t go out, they go into the back garden and play. Having that time outside means that they usually burn off any excess energy and all sleep pretty well at night.

Occasionally though, technology becomes my best friend. I hate relying on it, but when I have tight deadlines to meet or when I just need an hours peace and quiet, it’s a godsend. A few years ago I despaired at people who bought their toddler a tablet. Guess what all three of ours had for Christmas last year? Yep, tablets! I’ve long stopped feeling guilty about the fact that my two-year-old knows how to use YouTube and embraced it. There are some pretty good educational apps and games out there for kids, and I know they’ve all learned things from using their tablets – Harrison has been teaching himself some new Welsh words by finding videos, and then teaching us all!

Rattan Direct have created a survey asking parents how they keep their children entertained, which you can complete by clicking here. They’re particularly interested in knowing the role that technology plays, and how long the average child spends playing on a tablet. I know that mine sometimes spend too long with theirs, but it’s usually balanced out with lots of time outside, or just playing with their toys. I suppose it’s not that bad then, right?

How do you entertain your children?

13 thoughts on “How Do You Entertain Your Children?

  1. IT is hard not to just given in and given them the tablet or put the TV on isn’t it! My daughter loves drawing so sit her down with some paper and pens and she can be amused for quite a while. Failing that anything crafty, or Lego always goes down well!

  2. Good question this. I remember being taken to the beach as a kid and always felt there was endless amount of Entertainment while I Was there but maybe that’s not so easy for people that live in the middle of the country!

  3. My kids are obsessed with the ipad and yet I really do limit that time or they would be there all day! We are rarely at home in the day, we go out to the park or the beach or the woods nearby, or we play in the garden if the weather is dry. Sometimes they do need to sit on the ipad while I get jobs done, and at those times I think technology is much needed!

  4. We try and get out for at least an hour a day. They may moan about leaving the house but they love it when we get there

  5. I’ve been really restrictive with my little one and use of any tech stuff. He’s aware of it all, knows what they are for and has been on a tablet a handful of times. I guess I just keep it for the odd occasion that is OK. I think with limits and guidance, it’s fine. It’s getting the balance right. Which I cannot say has gone well for my teenage girls, one gluded to her ithingy, and the other on a laptop at all given opportunities. I don’t like it, but as much as I can advice them, I cannot control it all the time. They are afterall more “responsible” now at 16 and 18. One would hope so anyway.

  6. I agree with Jen it is all about finding the balance and it is great that you have embraced technology. Like you said it can be educational x

  7. I hate when I am stuck indoors with my children for days when the other half is at work. We normally have dvd days or do baking if the weather is bad and play in the garden if it is warm. We don’t use ipads with the little ones they do have leappads though but rarely play on them xx

  8. It’s tough to limit access when they are everywhere though. I’m also impressed how quickly little ones can pick it up!

  9. I don’t mind if mine are on their gadgets, as we have usually been out for a walk or doing something together away from the gadgets. However we get out and about, and then do crafts, cooking or reading together

  10. I don’t have kids but I love going exploring with my niece and the dog, smelling the fresh air gets her out of the house when she’d normally be on the tablet or watching TV!

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