Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Until I was about five or six, I had really straggly, fine, ‘rats tail’ hair. I then had it cut into a bob and it really thickened up. In fact, for most of my adult life I’ve hated my hair because it was too thick and had a mind of it’s own most of the time.

Until I had the kids.

Like most women, my hair appeared even thicker during pregnancy, but then four or five months after giving birth it started coming out in handfuls. It stopped after a couple of months, but after having Alex it never seemed to regain it’s thickness, remaining thin, lank and lifeless. A couple of months ago the post childbirth hair loss started, and it’s still coming out in handfuls.

Everywhere we looked there were strands of my hair – all over the pillows, clothes, wrapped around Ben’s hands. It was everywhere, and it was gross. I dreaded washing my hair because it would completely clog up the plug hole, and if there is one thing that is guaranteed to make me feel sick, it was getting our big handfuls of wet hair! Having Harrison at nursery means twice weekly head lice checks which was a nightmare – you can imagine how much of my hair came out after using one of those fine toothed combs! I ended up having it cut a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to thicken it up and reduce the hair that we found everywhere. It definitely looks thicker, but is still very fine compared to how it used to be, and it’s so brittle!!

Hair loss
This is my hair before it is straightened – as you can see it’s very fine, frizzy and flyaway.

When I was asked if I wanted to try a six month course of Nourkrin Post Pregnancy hair supplements, I couldn’t say no – I want my nice thick hair back! Nourkrin are supplements which have been scientifically formulated to help maintain a normal hair growth cycle in post pregnant women. I need to take these once a day with water after food. These are available from Boots for £29.99 for a one month supply.


I’ll be using these for six months, and will give you an update in a couple of months to let you know how I’m getting on.

*I have been sent a six month supply of these supplements in return for honest and unbiased feedback.

5 thoughts on “Hair Loss After Pregnancy

  1. I always suffered with hair loss. Turned out I used to pull my bobbles to tight and it used to pull my hair out. But fingers crossed only the odd strand comes out or the ones my baby girl pulls out.

  2. Good luck with this! I am not post pregnancy but my hair seems to be thinning as I get older. I think I’d like to try this product anyway.

  3. Most of my hair fell out after I had an accident – apparently any stresses on the body including pregnancy and injuries can cause it. I do sympathise.

  4. hair loss was bad after first child, terrible after second child. beginning to wonder how i have any hair left

  5. I suffer from the same problem but the specialist said I would just continue to lose my hair as it is due to a hormonal imbalance. No treatment was offered so would be interested to read about how you get on.

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