Christmas gifts for teachers

Christmas gifts for teachers |

As both someone who used to be a teacher, and now as a parent I am aware of how difficult it can be to buy a gift at Christmas for a teacher. Whilst you don’t want to spend a fortune, especially if there are other adults in  the school that help your child, you also want to get them something that shows your appreciation. I know Harrison’s teacher and teaching assistant work incredibly hard, and go above and beyond their job descriptions!

From a teacher’s point of view, I can honestly say that a gift is never ever expected but every single gift is always appreciated. It sounds like a cliche, but homemade gifts and cards are always the nicest to receive. If you do want to go out and buy the perfect presents, and don’t want to resort to chocolates and toiletries, here are a few ideas.

Costa Ceramic Coffee Cups

Costa Coffee |

A teacher who doesn’t drink tea or coffee is a very rare breed, so these adorable ceramic cups from Costa would be an idea present for a teacher. The lid keeps drinks warmer for that little bit longer – perfect for when they are snowed under a pile of marking!! They also make a change from the ‘best teacher’ mugs that do often fill the staffroom cupboard. See the full review here.

Where to buy: Costa

Price: £7.50

Personalised Notebook

Teachers gifts from Getting Personal |

Teachers love stationery, and the one thing no one can ever have too many of are notebooks. Getting Personal do a huge range of personalised gifts, which are perfect for teachers, but I loved this notebook! See the full review here.

Where to buy: Getting Personal

Price: From £6.99


Candles |

There’s not many people out there who don’t like Yankee candles, but the big jars can be quite expensive, and you never know if you are buying someone a scent that they like. These little sets containing a variety of scents are perfect for a teacher!

Where to buy:  Amazon (Affiliate link)

Price: From £9.40

Gift Card

Gift cards are pretty much perfect for any one, for any occasion. Ones for places such as Argos or Amazon are always really useful, or somewhere like Costa (you know how obsessed I am with Costa!). It means the teacher can treat themselves to something they want or put it towards something else.



Teachers always have tonnes of things to carry – books, folders, notebooks etc, and a strong big bag is always needed! These adorable bags are perfect for lugging everything about it!

Where to buy: The Good Bag Co

Price: £5.00

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  1. I have twins who both have 1 – 2- 1s as they have additional needs and I have been really stuck for what to get them for Christmas! They do an amazing job taking care of my little monkeys so I didn’t want to get just a box of Celebrations for them. Thank you for the suggestions in your post – I love the Yankee candle set and at that price I may have to purchase an extra set for myself! x

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