Giddy Bowl

Whenever I give Harrison and Alex any sort of snack in a bowl, you can pretty much guarantee that one of them (or both of them!) will end up spilling it all over the floor. When Alex from Lamb and Bear asked if any bloggers wanted to review a fantastic new non-spill bowl she had come across, I couldn’t volunteer fast enough, Was this the solution to the constant spills?


The Giddy Bowl, designed by Gr8 Solution, is a bowl which remains upright no matter what position. Turn it upside down? The bowl stays up. Turn it sidewards? The bowl stays up. It was designed for use in aeroplanes and boats and has a quick release lid, carry handles and an outer shell that can be used as a handy colander or strainer.

Giddy Bowl

I do need to point out that whilst it is spill proof (believe me, Harrison and Alex have put it through it’s paces!), it isn’t ‘throw it across the room’ proof, nor it is it ‘drop it from a highchair’ proof.

I can imagine it being really useful when Benjamin is a bit older – I can pop some snacks in there for him to munch on in the pushchair without worrying about him tipping them all out.

The bowls are available in yellow and pink, and blue and green. They retail at £9.99 and can be purchased from the Gr8 Solution website.


* We were sent this review to review.All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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  1. What a brilliant idea, I think every mum needs one of these in her cupboard! #TriedandTestedTuesday

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