Get Your Kid’s Room Right With These Creative Touches

We all know it’s the little things that complete a home. The small touches are what inject parts of ourselves into our rooms. They are what really stand out. If you’re decorating your child’s bedroom, it’s your responsibility to add those touches. Those little touches are even more important in a child’s room. Your kid’s bedroom is their sanctuary, and it’s important they feel at home there. Here are some of the things you can do to make the room belong to them!


Additional furnishings go a long way to making a room seem more personal. Think about what bed linen your child would like. Do they have a favourite program you could turn to? Favourite characters are always a safe bet, too. Or, maybe they have a favourite brand that could help your decisions. The theme doesn’t have to stop at their bed linen either. You could incorporate it into lampshades, rugs, and wall art. Oh, don’t forget the kids’ curtains, too! Having their room filled with their favourite things is sure to go down well. After all, we all like our rooms being filled with the things we love. Children are no different! Filling the space with furnishings from their favourite show will ensure they want to show their room off.


The small touches don’t stop at furnishings. Think, too, about how best to display their favourite items. Open shelving units give the perfect opportunity to keep their favourite toys in sight. You could invest in a bookcase too. These are useful for more than just books. If your child isn’t a reader, use them as storage space instead. Or, why not display your child’s DVD collection in them? Getting creative with storage will ensure everything has its place. Your child will be much happier if they’re surrounded by all their favourite things.


Bare walls are uninspiring in any room, let alone a child’s bedroom! Getting the colour scheme right will do a lot towards improving those blank walls. Bright colours generally go down well in any child’s room. If your child has a favourite colour, decorate using that! Don’t worry if it’s a bright one. If that’s the way they want their room, let them have it. If you’re feeling brave, you could let your child help with decoration. Why not let them do some hand prints on the wall to make their mark? This can be a fun bonding exercise too! If you’re not brave with the walls of your house, there are other things you can do. Why not do those hand prints on paper, and get them framed instead? If your child is good at sports or some other out of school activity, hang awards they’ve received as a reminder. Hang up, too, any school work that they’re proud of. Surrounding them in things they’ve done well is an excellent way to make them feel proud of themselves. You can never make too much of your child’s achievements!  

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